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tzara tomorrow

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joined on 04/21/05
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November 2, 2006
over ten years of life with the tzara and he continues to be an inspiration, a surprise, a wonder... showing me something beautiful everyday... passion... focus... love... he genuinely pursues discourse... getting beyond small talk and idle chatter... is able to engage in discussions on any given subject... investigating the full spectrum from the simple to the complex... such a wealth of information... his ongoing thirst for ideas and exploration makes you wonder how there can possibly be anymore space in his noggin, but there is! and he doesn't just store it all, he uses it and shares it... he never fails to amaze, delight, inspire and challenge me beyond words!
April 23, 2005
too many times I've lost track of this belief....
Tzara creates a void of interest and non-corrallation to one minded stabilities that don't necessarily give into a working of heartfelt absurdities that border on the sentimental. I have only to adore and..yes...worship what has been given me from this being. I am who I am because of the great power of influence Tzara is for me.

With ulitmate love...mostly unsaid...sadly...but there.
you can do no wrong with this person...and you will only gain.

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