Isn't free expression the point of tribe?

   Wed, December 7, 2005 - 5:08 PM
I got a shocking email from Wade today telling me that I might have to take certain photos down. Just because I have a "mature" flag on my profile doesn't mean that my photos are offensive.

In fact, I choose my photos carefully before I upload them. I want to be able to put up nude or semi nude photos of me because that is the way I live. It is even my job. I am an artists' model. I work nude for a living. I run around BM nude. I am nude in my house. I am nude poolside.

"In particular, posting content that portrays obscenity, pornography, or sexually explicit conduct is for practical purposes illegal for members like ours under U.S. "

If anyone from tribe actually bothered to look at my photos instead of mass emailing the "mature" contented members, they would see that my photos are not in anyway near the above described criteria.

One person could be offended by feet, paint, a costume, etc. Does that mean my photos are offensive? I feel it is not fair to be lumped in with more explicit groups just because I have a "mature" rating.

I clicked on "mature" to give others a heads up on the fact that I might be a little topless or see through. Now tribe is telling me that I have no say on who gets to see MY photos.

Keep it up tribe..... soon you won't have members anymore.



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Wed, December 7, 2005 - 5:39 PM
IT was...
until 2257 came along. The govererment, headed by the neoXians, are putting guns to the heads of a lot of companies. Sex is evil, but torture is cool. I wonder if pic from Abu Ghraib would be deemed objectionable.

Wed, December 7, 2005 - 10:48 PM
Screw the email and just don't take the photos down :}
Fri, December 9, 2005 - 11:55 AM
Your pics are nothing if not beautiful. I will shed a tear the day you take them down.
Sun, December 11, 2005 - 3:11 AM
you are in a beautiful, creative shot . not porno, or offensive , or blatent sex shots . . . but , you are hot n spicy !! but they still are not " hey look at my hochie coochie " pi cs !! lol besids , if they support as much of bm as thay say... they should understand ! fuck 'em !
Fri, December 16, 2005 - 9:23 AM
I concur...
Leave the photos up until they raise a real fuss.

At first I blamed Tribe, and now I see that they're doing what they must to cover their collective asses. I disagree, however, with their approach.

What has made Tribe better than MySpace, Friendster, etc., is and has always been the kind of people it attracted and included, and the users' freedom to express who and what they are WITHOUT censorship.

Whoever's at the helm of the ship should involve/harness/rally all of Tribe's members in a voter revolt against this bullshit.

By the way, LOVELY pictures. Thanks for doing what you do and being who you're being.

Fri, January 20, 2006 - 7:34 AM
What are we heading towards...
So, what we are being told by Tribe and the drone Bureaucrats is can be free as long as you give up your freedom. Free expression without freedom?
Sat, March 4, 2006 - 11:02 AM
no more mush& enuf of my crush for the last ride of my pride. no date -too late ?t'was your crash &my rash that landed us both in the hash . My pill, your bills not to ME-tis the dealer you"ll see.ANON
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Sat, October 21, 2006 - 9:37 AM
You are beautiful!
Wed, November 19, 2008 - 5:39 PM
This is really unfortunate... since when did this place become so foolish.

We seem to live in a society, these days, that equates the naked human form with pornography. How is an individual to appreciate the beauty of the human form if it considered pornographic and obscene? How is one to have a positive self-image is one is to see one's own body as such an ugly foul thing? I have looked through your album and seen nothing that even approaches questionable. Your pictures are beautiful and wonderful!!

I could wish to have a friend like you that had such a beautiful spirit...
Wed, November 19, 2008 - 5:42 PM
>> One person could be offended by feet
Oh well yeah... pictures of naked feet *are* obscene. This is well known... ;-)