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Solaris is the incredible 1961 Polish science fiction novel by Stanisław Lem : D

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The Neptunian Odessey

The planet is like a giant watery collective unconscious that the scientists study and not knowing how to interpret its watery moody existence, decide to burn.
The planet retaliate by plumbing the depths of the psyche of the men and creates their worst nightmares from their memories. The main protagonist is confronted with the perfect flesh double of the woman who committed suicide over him when he left her but she is now amnesic and her clothes, though perfectly resembling has no seems, being sewn directly on her. His long-lost lover has returned. His days unfold as she wait for him in his room, reenacting the moods that preceded her suicide and he making sure that she does not.
The other scientists are also joined by their own nightmarish memories. The scientist glimpse a large black woman in one of the rooms of his scientist mate as he bangs the door close in a hush.

And so the whole expedition crew sinks into insanity.

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