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May 23, 2012
Lee, I wish to say this. Even though we have never met, can't begin
to express to you my Gratitude for being one of my friends. You
were there for me from the beggining. Believe I told you of Fraud
that was commited on me. You got me thru, a very rough time
In my life, for this I am forever indebted to you. Thanks for
the experience of being my Friend, I luv ya Tim.
September 23, 2011
He's very sweetest guy in this world, he's friendly, nice, caring, lovely person I've met here.
He is the one you can 100% trust, and can share anything with you.

I want to to him: I love you, my friend, you're the best !!!! My Best Friend here, in Tribe and my heart.
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"Man, is Andrew cool..I wish I was him."..
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It’s not about the budget, and it has nothing to do with concern about drugs—it’s about harassing a particular class of Americans who need help..

Looks like its time for another season of America’s favorite political sport: demonizing folks on welfare..

Last month, the RNC announced that welfare would be one of the top issues they want to hammer home in the 2014 midterms..And on the local level, this isn’t just bumper-sticker campaign slogans, its being put into place as policy..

Here’s the deal: Beginning July 1 in Mississippi, anyone applying for welfare will be subjected to a questionnaire asking whether they use drugs..If their answers reveal possible drug use, they will have to pee in the cup..If they fail, they will have to undergo treatment in order to get paid..

Gov. Phil Bryant declared in a press release that “The (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is a safety net for families in need, and adding this screening process will aid adults who are trapped in a dependency lifestyle so they can better provide for their children..This measure will help make a positive difference for families impacted by substance abuse.”.

Mississippi’s bill was signed into law after a federal judge in Florida ruled the state's drug testing plan for welfare recipients was unconstitutional..But that hasn't stopped other Republican lawmakers for going the tried and true route of demonizing those on welfare..It’s as if no other class of people in America does drugs..

The Michigan Senate passed a bill similar to Mississippi: if you are deemed suspicious of drug use, you must take the test..If you refuse, no assistance..

Republican lawmakers say the bill is necessary to build better families..

So let me get this straight: Republican lawmakers believe that in order to rebuild the family structure in America, the best way is to make sure those who receive governmental assistance take a drug test..

But why not expand the idea?.Seriously, why not pass a bill that says any person or company that receives any state funds must urinate in a cup?.

Since these GOP lawmakers believe in strong families, why not require every business in Florida, Mississippi, Michigan—or any state that has passed such a law—that receives a state contract to submit to company-wide drug tests, from the CEO on down?.

If any business in these states wants a tax break, then lawmakers should have the courage to tell these companies that if you want this deal, your employees must submit to drug testing?.If welfare is bad, why is corporate welfare good?.

Drugs affect every facet of American life..Rich..Poor..Democrat..Republican..Single..Married..So if the desire is to rid the nation of drugs and to get people the help they need, why not attach this provision to every dollar spent by the state?.

Every lawmaker or candidate for state office should submit to drug testing..Let’s have all politicians, teachers, fire fighters, police officers, janitors and other workers on the state payroll get drug tested as well..

You and I know that this modest proposal is a non-starter..It would never happen..Why? Because in America, there is no greater political sport than to demonize those on welfare..

Politicians, largely Republicans, are good at playing up the class warfare by castigating the poor as being the reason why everything is bad in America..If Republican lawmakers want to show me they have some guts, put forth the bill that I’m proposing..But you won’t do it..Why not?.Because it is easier to beat up on the helpless..And that's what such bills are about..
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A U.S. military official said a Russian fighter jet made multiple close-range passes at an U.S. Navy destroyer in the Black Sea on Saturday for more than 90 minutes..The Russian Fencer flew within 1,000 yards of the USS Donald Cook at about 500 feet above sea level..Ship commanders considered the Russian jet’s movements to be provocative and inconsistent with international agreements, though the U.S. official also said the fighter was unarmed and never in danger of coming in contact with the ship..The USS Donald Cook was deployed to the black sea on April 10 following Russia’s military takeover in Crimea..
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Wage theft, which further impoverishes workers with low pay, thrives in labor-intensive industries in which employees are often from other countries and, in many cases, predominantly female..

The continuing push for higher minimum wages across the country has much to recommend it, but the campaign shouldn't keep us from recognizing a truly insidious practice that impoverishes low-wage workers all the more..It's known as wage theft..

Wage theft, as documented in surveys, regulatory actions and lawsuits from around the country, takes many forms: Forcing hourly employees off the clock by putting them to work before they can clock in or after they clock out..Manipulating their time cards to cheat them of overtime pay..Preventing them from taking legally mandated breaks or shaving down their lunch hours..Disciplining or firing them for filing lawful complaints..

Nickel-and-diming pays well, for the employer..

A study published in 2010 by a network of employment rights organizations calculated that employment and labor law violations cost low-wage workers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles alone an estimated $56.4 million a week..In Los Angeles, where the survey was conducted by UCLA's Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, the respondents lost an average of 12.5% of their pay — $2,070 annually out of average pay of $16,500..

"Companies can save a great deal of money by cutting labor costs," says Michael Rubin, a San Francisco labor lawyer who last month filed three lawsuits against McDonald's Corp. and its franchisees, alleging a raft of labor law violations at the chain's fast-food restaurants.."When you own a hundred restaurants, even small amounts add up quickly.".

The fast-food chain's response to the lawsuits: "McDonald's and our independent owner-operators are each committed to undertaking a comprehensive investigation of the allegations and will take any necessary actions as they apply to our respective organizations.".The company didn't respond to a request for an update on its investigation..

The creativity of workplace managers to squeeze dollars from their lowest-paid employees is almost unlimited..

According to a lawsuit filed against Wal-Mart and several of its contractors running its warehouses in Riverside County, the warehouses scrapped their hourly-pay system in 2001 in favor of a piece-rate system in which all the workers on a shift shared a set rate for every trailer they either completely loaded or unloaded..

If they didn't finish the job, they got nothing..For non-loading tasks such as sweeping, they got paid nothing..Their ability to double-check the managers' calculations about how many workers were on each shift was nonexistent..The suit that Rubin filed on behalf of several workers seeks more than $100 million, including more than $60 million in back wages from Wal-Mart and the contractors..

Wal-Mart maintains that it's not the owner of the warehouses and thus isn't responsible, but U.S. District Judge Christina A. Snyder rejected its motion to dismiss the case in January..A motion to certify the lawsuit as a class action covering 1,800 workers is pending..

One common scam is to classify low-wage workers as "independent contractors" to evade wage and hour rules..In 2009, then-California Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown obtained a $14-million judgment against two cleaning companies for cheating 300 janitors out of wages and overtime this way..

"These workers aren't running their own businesses," scoffs Catherine Ruckelshaus, general counsel at the National Employment Law Project.."They're not making capital investments or calling their own shots on when they work..The idea is for them not to be protected by any rules at all.".

Most wage theft techniques are less elaborate, if no less demoralizing..

"I've gotten fed up and tired of being treated horribly," says Rhonesha Victor, 24, who has seen it all during her two years working at an Oakland KFC while attending a local community college full time..She's been denied legally required break time, had her hours cut and cheated of overtime..

One week she worked 48 hours without a day off, but her pay stub showed only 38..When she complained to her manager, he applied the missing 10 hours to her check the following week — but without the eight hours of overtime she was due.

Harman Management Corp., which operates KFC's franchises in Oakland, said its policy is to "strictly comply with all federal, state and local wage and hour laws," according to an email from its chief executive, Jim Olson.."Any error in payment brought to our attention is immediately addressed.".

These practices can happen anywhere employers think they can get away with them — at the cash register of a fast-food restaurant or the corridors of an office building at night or under the lights of a National Football League stadium, as a number of Oakland Raiders cheerleaders have alleged in a lawsuit..

But they're concentrated in labor-intensive industries in which employees are low-paid, often from other countries and, in many cases, predominantly female..Trouble spots are agriculture, retail, fast food, hotel housekeeping, janitorial services and construction..

Are the authorities up to the task of policing these violations?.For the most part, no..Auditing tens of thousands of contractors and businesses would be a superhuman task even for well-funded regulators, much less our chronically underfunded labor agencies..

That's unfortunate, because in many states, including California, the penalties for violating labor laws are high enough to be a deterrent — if the violators are caught..

After California raised the penalties for willfully misclassifying workers as independent contractors in 2011 to a maximum of $25,000 per violation, one prominent law firm warned businesses that the possible assessments could reach millions of dollars and advised them to take a very close look at their cadres of independent contractors..

The alternative is the civil lawsuit, like the ones brought by Rubin against McDonald's and Wal-Mart..

Under California's private attorney general act, individual workers can sue employers for labor law violations on behalf of themselves and other workers; if they prevail, their attorney fees are paid by the employer and they split the penalties with the state, which gets 75%..

Like government enforcement, these cases depend on complaints from workers themselves..That's always an obstacle, especially during economic slumps when low-wage workers are especially worried about their jobs..

"When they're vulnerable, no enforcement is going on," Ruckelshaus says..But as the economy has slowly improved, Rubin says, workers are becoming more willing to step forward..

Despite that, some employers and managers still try to make their numbers by squeezing their lowest-paid workers for a few extra cents..Big companies like Wal-Mart continue to hide behind webs of contractors and subcontractors to pretend they're not responsible, but there can hardly be any doubt that it's their relentless demand for cost-cutting and high productivity that drives this behavior..

Until they're penalized for demands that result in cheating the workers on the shop floor, it will continue..And workers like Victor will continue to be correct in observing, "It's not right to work hard and be treated this way.".
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A new religious statue in the town of Davidson, N.C., is unlike anything you might see in church..

The statue depicts Jesus as a vagrant sleeping on a park bench..St. Alban's Episcopal Church installed the homeless Jesus statue on its property in the middle of an upscale neighborhood filled with well-kept townhomes..

Jesus is huddled under a blanket with his face and hands obscured; only the crucifixion wounds on his uncovered feet give him away..

The reaction was immediate..Some loved it; some didn't..

"One woman from the neighborhood actually called police the first time she drove by," says David Boraks, editor of"She thought it was an actual homeless person.".

That's right..Somebody called the cops on Jesus..

"Another neighbor, who lives a couple of doors down from the church, wrote us a letter to the editor saying it creeps him out," Boraks added..

Some neighbors feel that it's an insulting depiction of the son of God, and that what appears to be a hobo curled up on a bench demeans the neighborhood..

The bronze statue was purchased for $22,000 as a memorial for a parishioner, Kate McIntyre, who loved public art..The rector of this liberal, inclusive church is the Rev. David Buck, a 65-year-old Baptist-turned-Episcopalian who seems not at all averse to the controversy, the double takes and the discussion the statue has provoked..

"It gives authenticity to our church," he says.."This is a relatively affluent church, to be honest, and we need to be reminded ourselves that our faith expresses itself in active concern for the marginalized of society.".

The sculpture is intended as a visual translation of the passage in the Book of Matthew, in which Jesus tells his disciples, "As you did it to one of the least of my brothers, you did it to me.".Moreover, Buck says, it's a good Bible lesson for those used to seeing Jesus depicted in traditional religious art as the Christ of glory, enthroned in finery..

"We believe that that's the kind of life Jesus had," Buck says.."He was, in essence, a homeless person.".

This lakeside college town north of Charlotte has the first Jesus the Homeless statue on display in the United States..Catholic Charities of Chicago plans to install its statue when the weather warms up..The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., is said to be interested in one, too..

The creator is a Canadian sculptor and devout Catholic named Timothy Schmalz..From his studio in Ontario, Schmalz says he understands that his Jesus the Homeless is provocative..

"That's essentially what the sculpture is there to do," he says.."It's meant to challenge people.".

He says he offered the first casts to St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto and St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York..Both declined..

A spokesman at St. Michael's says appreciation of the statue "was not unanimous," and the church was being restored, so a new work of art was out of the question..That statue found a home in front of the Jesuit School of Theology at the University of Toronto..

A spokesperson at St. Patrick's in New York says they liked the homeless Jesus, but their cathedral is also being renovated and they had to turn it down..

The most high-profile installation of the bronze Jesus on a park bench will be on the Via della Conciliazione, the avenue leading to St. Peter's Basilica — if the city of Rome approves it..Schmalz traveled to the Vatican last November to present a miniature to the pope himself..

"He walked over to the sculpture, and it was just chilling because he touched the knee of the Jesus the Homeless sculpture, and closed his eyes and prayed," Schmalz says.."It was like, that's what he's doing throughout the whole world: Pope Francis is reaching out to the marginalized.".

Back at St. Alban's in Davidson, the rector reports that the Jesus the Homeless statue has earned more followers than detractors..It is now common, he says, to see people come, sit on the bench, rest their hand on the bronze feet and pray..

Jesus was poor and homeless..He says so himself..

And Jesus saith unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.. (Matthew 8:20)

I don't know how people can find this controversial..Perhaps people aren't aware that Jesus himself was basically destitute and a vagrant.. What do people expect from a man who came from the poor and gave all he had to the poor?.
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When the sequester cuts slashed $85 billion from the federal budget, crippling federal programs like Head Start and halting crucial research at the National Institutes of Health, the government continued spending tax dollars on things like 3-D pizza printers for NASA, a beachfront property loan program for millionaires, and a $300 million Army surveillance blimp that doesn’t work..Those are just three of the 100 examples of egregious government waste that cost taxpayers $30 billion this year--all detailed in Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) annual “Wastebook,” released Tuesday..

The report, obtained Monday night by The Fiscal Times, documents a host of federally-subsidized programs and projects that have incurred significant costs while offering little or no benefit to taxpayers..

The report isn’t just about big ticket items; it also includes a spate of rather obscure, little-known projects, including a federally funded grant of nearly $400,000 awarded to Yale University to study the “oddity of the duck penis.”.Another example is a $200,000 grant from the International Trade Administration that was awarded to a group of indie rock execs to travel the world and discover new music.“.Collectively these cost more than $30 billion in a year when Washington would have you believe everything that could be done has been done to control unnecessary spending,” Sen. Coburn said in a statement..“Had just these 100 been eliminated, the sequester amount would have been reduced nearly a third without any noticeable disruption.”.

In his report, Coburn wastes no time in taking aim at his colleagues in the do-nothing 113th Congress, which, he says, achieved very little this year, aside from passing 56 laws, forcing a 16-day government shutdown and maintaining an approval rating that hovers around 10 percent.“.The first session of the 113th Congress will likely go down in history as the least productive in history, more notable for what it did not do than what it did,” Coburn said..He added that the government shutdown cost taxpayers $400 million, reinstating paychecks for furloughed federal employees earning more than $100,000 a year..This includes members of Congress..“Congress should not be paid when it fails to pass an annual budget required by law,” Coburn said..

The latest “Wastebook” was released just ahead of a Senate vote on a bipartisan budget deal brokered by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), which passed the House last week..

Coburn, a Republican and well known deficit hawk, voiced his disappointment about the deal during an interview on MSNBC last week, saying it doesn’t go far enough to address the long-term debt and doesn’t achieve any savings by eliminating any of the wasteful spending highlighted in his report..

“None of that's addressed in this..None of the waste, the duplication, the fraud..None of it," he said..

Here are some of the highlights of the report:

Beachfront Property for Millionaires — $500 million: A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) home loan program, created to help people with low and moderate incomes afford a home in “rural areas” has been used by many millionaires in “resort communities” in tropical paradises like Hawaii..According to the report, more than 100 individuals or families received loan guarantees for $500,000 or more from the USDA to purchase a home in Hawaii..And here’s the kicker: “If these new homeowners later cannot afford their new homes it’s no problem, the federal government will protect the banks from losses by repaying 90 percent of the loans,” the report says..Last year, it paid nearly $500 million in lost claims..

Botched Blimp — $300 million: The Army spent three and a half years and nearly $300 million to build a football field-sized blimp called the Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, to provide continuous surveillance over Afghanistan battlefields; but the project was riddled with errors and cost overruns, so the Army eventually sold it back to the contractor..

NASA’s “Pillownauts” — $360,000: During the shutdown, 97 percent of NASA’s staff was laid off..Still, the agency was paying 20 people $18,000 each to literally lie around and do nothing for 70 days, their bodies “slightly tilted forward” as part of a study to help scientists learn how astronauts' bodies will change in space flight..NASA, however, isn’t planning any missions any time in the foreseeable future, since it no longer has a manned space program…So the people getting paid to lie in bed all day might as well keep dreaming..

Fort Hood Shooter Still on Federal Payroll — $53,000 (in 2013): Alleged Fort Hood shooter Major Nadal Hasson continues to get paid a federal salary, since the Military Code of Justice doesn’t allow a soldier to be suspended until he or she is found guilty.He made $52,952 in 2013 and $278,000 total since allegedly killing 13 and injuring 32 in 2009..

NASA Looks for Intelligent Life in Congress — $3 million: Since NASA’s space program has been grounded, it’s left to search for intelligent life on Earth..Curiously enough, it has chosen to explore Capitol Hill and the inner workings of Congress..Teaming up with Georgetown University, NASA will embark on its next mission of hosting a one-week seminar exploring how Congress works - almost as complicated and mysterious as the solar system?.

Television Ads for Hurricane Sandy — $65 million: Of the $60.4 billion Congress appropriated for areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy, at least $65 million was put toward local television ads..Instead of rushing aid to the people who needed it most, state officials in New York and New Jersey spent the money on tourism-related TV advertisements..Making this particularly vexing for some local residents, "the flow of disaster aid has been both paltry and slow,” the report said..

Duplicate IT Systems — $321 million: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spent over $30 million on two IT programs that serve the same purpose..Both support “immigration enforcement booking management," which includes the processing of apprehended illegal aliens suspected of committing criminal violations of immigration law..However, DHS said it has no plans to address the duplicative expenditures..Similar problems have occurred at DOD, where the Air Force has two duplicative IT systems..According to a recent GAO report, three agencies have spent $321 million for overlapping IT purposes during the past several years..

Bureau of Print and Engraving Ruined New $100 Bills — $4 million: The new $100 dollar bills came out in October, after several setbacks pushed back their release date..One of the latest incidents happened in the fall when too much ink was applied to the paper (known as “mashing”)..As a result, the Federal Reserve returned the bills to the Bureau and demanded a refund..The incident cost taxpayers about $4 million..

Half a Million to Spruce Up Block in Kansas Town — $500,000: The Department of Transportation awarded Rossville, Kansas—a tiny town with a population of 1,150—a grant of $532,000 to make one block in the downtown area “more decorative and colorful.”.According to the report, the “decorative and colorful improvements to one street block in Rossville, Kansas, cost U.S. taxpayers $462 per resident of Rossville, or $38,000 for each of the 14 businesses located on this block of Main Street.”.Maybe taxpayers across the country will now swarm to Rossville to enjoy the block they helped fund..

NASA’s 3D Pizza Printer — $125,000: NASA awarded a $124,955 grant to Arjun Contractor to build a 3-D pizza printer..The space agency spends about $1 million on “Martian food development.”.According to the report, a NASA scientist involved in the 3D printer pizza said it could be years until the creation becomes feasible..Too bad - it sounds out of this world..
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The State Department has no idea what happened to $6 billion used to pay its contractors..In a special “management alert” made public Thursday, the State Department’s Inspector General Steve Linick warned “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six years..The alert was just the latest example of the federal government’s continued struggle with oversight over its outside contractors..

The lack of oversight “exposes the department to significant financial risk,” the auditor said..“It creates conditions conducive to fraud, as corrupt individuals may attempt to conceal evidence of illicit behavior by omitting key documents from the contract file..It impairs the ability of the Department to take effective and timely action to protect its interests, and, in tum, those of taxpayers.”.

In the memo, the IG detailed “repeated examples of poor contract file administration.”.For instance, a recent investigation of the closeout process for contracts supporting the mission in Iraq, showed that auditors couldn't find 33 of the 115 contract files totaling about $2.1 billion.. Of the remaining 82 files, auditors said 48 contained insufficient documents required by federal law..

In another instance, the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement issued a $1 billion contract in Afghanistan that was deemed “incomplete.”.

The auditor recommended that the State Department establish a centralized system to track, maintain and retain contract files..

The department responded and said it concurred with the recommendations to address the “vulnerability” in its contracting process..

Before Linick took office last fall, the State Department had been without an inspector general position for five years—the longest IG vacancy in the government’s history, as noted in The Washington Post..
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As pro-Russian activity rose in eastern Ukraine over the weekend, the White House voiced concerns that Russia might once again advance past Ukrainian borders..

Vice President Joe Biden will travel to Kiev on April 22, the White House announced, to meet with leaders in and outside of the government to reinforce American support and talk about Ukrainian security..Last month, Biden traveled to Europe and met with leaders of NATO members Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to reassure them after Russia’s initial incursion into Crimea..

President Obama’s National Security Council warned that similar developments were seen in Crimea before Russian forces moved in — and warned Russian President Vladimir Putin not to invade..

“We are very concerned by the concerted campaign we see underway in eastern Ukraine today by pro-Russian separatists, apparently with support from Russia, who are inciting violence and sabotage and seeking to undermine and destabilize the Ukrainian state,” NSC spokeswoman Laura Lucas Magnuson said in an e-mail..“We saw similar so-called protest activities in Crimea before Russia’s purported annexation..We call on President Putin and his government to cease all efforts to destabilize Ukraine, and we caution against further military intervention..We will continue to monitor the situation closely.”.

Multiple news outlets reported pro-Russian demonstrations in eastern Ukraine, and ABC’s Dragana Jovanovic and Alexander Marquardt reported a number of government buildings were taken over by apparent militiamen wearing mismatched camouflage in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk..

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, speaking in Prague, said Thursday that “some 40,000 Russian troops are massed along Ukraine’s borders — not training, but ready for combat..We have seen the satellite images, day after day..Russia is stirring up ethnic tensions in eastern Ukraine and provoking unrest..And Russia is using its military might to dictate that Ukraine should become a federal, neutral state.”.

As Ukraine considers constitutional reforms, Russia has advocated for a federal system, with a weaker central government and regions enjoying more control..Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said on Friday that Ukraine’s regions should have more independent powers, Radio Free Europe reported..

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who spoke twice with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday, denied Russian involvement in eastern Ukrainian unrest on Friday, state-run news agency RIA-Novosti reported..

“We don’t have any wishes like that,” the news agency quoted Lavrov as saying on whether Russia intends to invade eastern Ukraine..
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A Louisiana man was arrested after authorities said he locked his neighbor's son in his bathroom, then made up a story about the 6-year-old boy leaving the neighborhood..

David Ledet, 59, is charged with kidnapping following a search for the missing child Wednesday..

The boy's mother called 911 around 6 p.m. to report that her son was gone, authorities said..The woman told police that her son was playing outside on the front lawn when she went to use the restroom..When she returned, the boy was gone..

The Times-Picayune reports: Deputies immediately began searching the area and nearby homes for the child..Within an hour, the sheriff's office said deputies found the boy locked in a bathroom inside Ledet's apartment..

Authorities said that while they were searching for the boy, Ledet told the child's mother that he saw her son leave in a white vehicle..Police pressed Ledet for more information, and his suspicious response prompted them to search his house..

"Deputies decided to search the home and pretty quickly found the six-year-old locked in a bathroom," Sheriff Jack Strain said..

The exact location of Ledet's home is being withheld to protect the child's identity..
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It's been eight months since the general public became aware of the overbroad activities of the National Security Agency (NSA)..It's time to thank the men and women who have served our country in the intelligence community, and then reform these agencies' dragnet surveillance programs..

We have enough distance from September 11, 2001, to take a step back and assess what is working and what isn't, and decide what we want our country to do in our name..

In the wake of 9/11, President Bush "took the gloves off.".He signed executive orders and gave the NSA and CIA new powers with the goal of rooting out terrorist networks before they could strike again..Congress passed the USA Patriot Act in the weeks after 9/11..And in 2005, when it was first reported that NSA was monitoring domestic phone calls, it was a surprise but there was relatively little outrage..

We asked the men and women who serve our country to protect us..And they have done that..There has not been a major terrorist attack on American soil since September 11, 2001..But now we can analyze the efficacy of these programs, the legality of their application and the potential costs of allowing them to continue..

President Bush and Congress gave the intelligence community powers that are unconstitutional..The programs were duly authorized by President Bush and, at least somewhat, overseen by the Intelligence Committees..Members of Congress were free to examine some of the details of some of these programs and some of them who did so were satisfied that our civil liberties were protected in a time of a global war against an amorphous threat..

However, those programs were unconstitutional..And the Constitution is designed to secure our civil liberties even in times of chaos and upheaval; in fact it is designed to secure our civil liberties precisely for those times..

In the Odyssey, Ulysses made a pact with his men as they approach the Sirens..He wanted to hear the song of the Sirens even though he knew that their song would remove his free will and render him incapable of rational thought..He put wax in his men's ears, and his men tied him to the mast..Ulysses ordered his men not to change court and to keep their swords upon him in case he broke free..

As they approach and heard the Sirens' song Ulysses was temporarily insane, but he could not break free..In a sense, the US Constitution is our Ulysses' pact..It is an agreed upon document of core principles that are designed to survive precisely when it is difficult to uphold them, and when it is inconvenient..

The Fourth Amendment clearly prohibits unreasonable searches..It is designed for searches of individual persons based upon probably cause..Bulk collection of American data, by definition, is unreasonable..And in December of 2013, a federal judge, Judge Leon, found the programs to be unconstitutional..

In addition to the Constitutional dimension, domestic surveillance authorized under section 215 of the USA Patriot Act is simply ineffective.. Journalists at Pro Publica have found that this program has not stopped a single terrorist attack..It has been used in investigations, but was not strictly necessary..The independent Privacy Civil Liberties and Oversight Board agreed with this conclusion and went further calling the program "illegal"..Other reviews have had similar findings..

These programs are also extremely expensive..We simply cannot afford to spend billions on illegal programs that don't keep us safe..It is not the taxpayer's job to keep private contractors fat with government contracts..

The "black budget" is not part of public record; however, documents obtained by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden revealed the 2013 black budget to be nearly $53 billion dollars..The cost of the NSA alone exceeds $10 billion dollars..Approximately $20 billion was spent on "data collection expenses" by the various agencies..

The Utah Data Center, built by the NSA to maintain records, is five times the size of the U.S. Capitol Building..It cost more than one billion dollars to build, and it costs over a million dollars a month in electricity costs alone..

Finally, these programs are bad for business..According to Forrester Research INC, the cost of NSA spying revelations on American businesses could reach $180 billion by 2016..

Spying revelations "prompted 19% of consumers to do less banking online and 14% to cut back on online shopping.".And nearly 50% of Americans have changed their habits online..

The largest technology firms are spending massive amounts to tighten security in an Internet arms race..In the global market, some international companies are avoiding investing in US technology companies or using non-US based companies to avoid NSA surveillance..

These programs are unconstitutional; they do not make us safer; they are extremely expensive; and they are harmful to American businesses..Therefore, it's time for reform..

The most popular reform is called the USA Freedom Act..It is bicameral and bipartisan..It's not a pie in the sky solution to every problem written by people don't think terrorism is real..In fact the USA Freedom Act was written by the named author of the USA Patriot Act, Jim Sensenbrenner..

Sensenbrenner thought that the USA Patriot Act was justified in 2001 when he wrote that bill, and has been horrified to see that his legislation has been interpreted to allow for the bulk collection of data on American citizens - something he claims was never intended..So Sensenbrenner is leading an effort to reverse his own legislation, and he has 163 cosponsors..It's not often that the chief sponsor of a bill condemns the government for their interpretation of his own legislation and then introduces legislation to reverse his own bill - that alone should be a wake up call..

America is safest when we uphold the ideals that have lead millions of immigrants to come to this country..Millions of immigrants came to this country for freedom, both economic freedom and personal liberty..When we represent these ideas, even in difficult times, we are safer because of it..

Over 200 years ago BenjaminFranklin said:

"They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety,deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.".

Now we know that we are sacrificing liberty for no additional safety, and at a steep cost..We the people decide, and we can decide to have more liberty and more security..

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People say "I love you" so often and too soon..It's meaning has become watered down for both the one speaking and the one hearing them...When I tell someone "I love you," it will never be said casually or without great consideration and thought..When I say those words, you will know I have given my heart to you..
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Dear friend,

We now know that our private communications aren't as private as we thought..While we're calling, texting, emailing, and visiting our friends and loved ones, the NSA is tuning in and collecting massive amounts of data on millions of Americans..

Thanks to the revelations from Edward Snowden, each week we get new evidence that the NSA has vastly overstepped its authority..

But the good news is that the tide is turning in the fight to rein in all this runaway surveillance..

I just signed the petition telling Congress to get in gear and pass legislation ending the secret surveillance state..Will you sign too?.

Watch the clip "NSA is coming to town"..HoHoHo..

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To enemies - Forgiveness
To friends - Your heart
To yourself - Respect
To poor - Charity

Don't cry over the past, it's gone..
Don't stress about the future, it hasn't arrived..
Live in the present and make it beautiful..
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Friends are welcome here, be at ease..
Go to bed when your ready, get up when you please..
Happy to share with you, all that I have..
The leak in the roof, and the soup in the pot..
You don't have to thank me, or laugh at my jokes..
Just relax and come often, your one of the folks..
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Do your know if Google is tracking your Web activity?..If you have a Google account (for, say, Gmail) and have not specifically located and ''paused'' the Web History setting, then the search giant is keeping track of your searches and the sites you visit..This data has been separated from other Google products, but on March 1 it's being shared across all of the Google products you use when Google's new privacy policy went into effect..

If you'd like to prevent Google from combining this potentially sensitive data with the information it has collected from your YouTube, Google+, and other Google accounts, you can remove your Web History and stop it from being recorded moving forward..

After signing into your Google account, type into your browser..If your Web History is enabled, you'll see a list of recent searches and sites visited..Click the gray Remove all Web History button at the top of the page and a subsequent OK button to clear your Web History..

(Alternatively, you can choose Account Settings from the pull-down menu in the upper-right corner of a Google product such as Gmail, Google+ or the Account Settings page, scroll down to the Services header and click on the "Go to web history" link)..If your Web History is enabled, you'll see a list of recent searches and sites visited..Click the gray Remove all Web History button at the top of the page and a subsequent OK button to clear your Web History..

By leaving it on "Pause" will stop the tracking and recording of your Web activity..
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We have had an unusual increase in Tribe users' reporting a number of child exploitative images. We take this very seriously and have dedicated resources to responding to the reports and cooperating with law enforcement.

Tribe's Code of Conduct specifically prohibits the posting of any image or text which associates children with sexuality in any way and the vast majority of Tribe's users conduct themselves in keeping with our CoC. We have, consistent with our CoC, promptly reported illegal images to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and are currently supporting law enforcement in the active prosecution of criminal violations.

This law enforcement process is ongoing, and while we expect the guilty parties to be brought to justice quickly, there is necessarily some delay while evidence is gathered. We appreciate the support of the Tribe community in bringing violations to our attention and want to assure the tribe community that we are working with multiple law enforcement agencies to expediently respond to all reports and to remove the violators from our community.

Please report any suspect images by sending the URL to
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It's not a complete list..For example, I've left out the Gadsden Purchase of 1853, which was something of a mixed blessing..The list is more a bittersweet love song to the world's only remaining superpower, that majestic, though slightly flawed, country that I call home..* Salem witch trials--'bad'..* Revolutionary War--'good'..* Slavery--'bad'..* Ending slavery--'good, but hard'.. * Cival War reenactments--'weird'..* Massacring Native Americans and breaking our treaties with them--'bad'..* Indian casinos--'?'..* Child labor during the Industrial Revolution--'bad'..* Child labor mowing lawns and baby-sitting--'character-building'..* Labor movement creating the weekend--'good'..* Land grant universities--'hot'..* Rural electrification--'hotter'..* Social Security--'hottest'..* Dictating pop culture for the world--'mixed'..* Selling Saddam Hussein chemical weapons in the eighties----'in retrospect, bad'..* Louisiana Purchase--'bargain'..* Grand Canyon--'wonderful, though we really can't take much credit for it--no, wait:'..* National park system--'really good'..* Leading human genome project--'probably good'..* Genetically engineering super race of unstoppable killers--'bad, but probably inevitable'..* Winning World War ll--'wow!!!'..* Creating democracy in postwar Germany and Japan; laying groundwork for European peace and prosperity in second half of twentieth century--'right on!'..* The Greatest Generation--'greatest!'..* Liberty--'good'..* Justice for all--'would be nice'..* Bill of Rights--'great! but Second Amendment could have been clearer'..* Putting man on the moon--'awesome, if true'..* Supporting vile dictatorships in Iran, Indonesia, Iraq, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Congo, Paraguay, Haiti, El Salvador, Bolivia--'bad'..* Parades--'wholesome fun for whole family'..* Gay parades--'exuberant expressions of individuality often featuring highly imaginative floats and costurmes'..* Conducting horrific medical experiments on African-Americans in Tuskegee--'bad'..* Japanese Internment camps--'good. Wait, what were these ?'..* Truman Doctrine--'smart'..* Vietnam--'mistake'..* Winning Cold War--credit all around, to postwar Republican and Democratic presidents alike..* Gross human rights violations in the name of winning Cold War--'credit all around, except to Jimmy Carter'..* Women getting the vote--'good...for women! Just kidding, it's good for everybody!!!'..* African-Americans getting the vote--'good...for African-Americans! Kidding again..Good for Democrats!!!'..* Making mistakes--'bad, but inevitable'..* Calling those who point out mistakes "unpatriotic"--'itself unpatriotic'..* Owning up to our mistakes--'brave'..* America--'home of the brave'..
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Barebacking, Cumloving, Cocksuckablabla.

about me
* READ INFO ABOVE: AGE..'60',,I don't look 30 anymore, nor do I intend to..
I have worked in child care, cooking, carny, nursing home aide, private duty nursing, waiter, cab driver, handy man, newspaper delivery, factory worker, chef, barn painter, tractor trailer driver, convenience store clerk, Walmart cashier, and warehouse worker..
I've had seven husbands and numerous lovers..
I enjoy cooking, dining out, movies, reading, flower gardening, friends, fun, and catching a buzz..And I've had the pleasure of raising 2 Pekingese..My Pekingese, Precious died at 14 yrs. and 6 months..She was so special because we had literally been through both hell and high waters together..But, a friend hurried and found another one for me..I picked a male this time..My other two were females..His name is Hairy Baby because he's nothing but a ball of fur..As for me I'm just taking it easy and chillin' in the air cond...
9/6/10..I'm fighting with a bad head and chest cold now..The weather's cooled down a lot and people's getting sick..
9/16/10..I'm feeling lots better now..Still got some junk down in my chest, but much better..
1/10/11..HELLO..I'm baccc-aaack..I've missed tribe and my friends and can't wait to find out how their doing, what their up to and how they've been..I see I have pages of messages and tons of mail..So, if you've dropped me a message I will be getting back to you within the next few days (Right..That went well..It is now 05/08/12 and still haven't gotten to them all..I've got a lot to do and have to roll up my sleeves, get down on my knees (Just checking if you are still reading) and get to work..
1/17/11..Guranteed..Ummm enjoy..Fri.,
03/18/2011..OMG it's 75 beautiful degrees..A heat wave y'all.. Sat.,
07/02/2011 - Friends, I'll be out of town for a few days..So, I'll see y'all when I get back..Don't do anything that I wouldn't do now..Have Fun and Take Care..
Sat., July 9, 2011..OK friends I'm back..I had such a great time, WOW..Getting back home was like eating stale crackers..
Fri., Sept. 9, 2011..Ummm I'm eating Ben and Jerry's new Schweddy Balls flavored Ice Cream..Ummm, Vanilla Ice Cream with a Hint of Rum (which I love) and Loaded with Fudge Covered Rum and Malt Balls (that I love)..Sooo goood..
05/08/2012: The weathers been great for outdoor 'activities'..
07/14/2012: The weather is so much better than the week before..
We had a weird ass storm that came through VA that we've never had before..80 mph winds, lightening but no thundering..I was in the yard..A tank top and shorts on..We have huge pines mostly all the way around the house..I got in the yard to dodge a failing tree, should I had too..
I was looking for a tornado..I could here trees breaking, crushing and slamming the ground in the woods N. of me..It sounded like a freight train going through the woods the whole time..This storm is the same as a tornado, but they don't call it a tornado because it only occurs every 4 years or so..and usually in the Midwest..As strange as the earthquake we had a few years back..I've been in earthquakes in LA and VA..Va's is more scary..Simply for the fact we don't get earthquakes in VA..It was a shock..I knew what it was when my chair started moving, shacking..I'm on so much medication now, that I jumped from me chair and wondered was it me, or the chair actually moving..Then I saw the water in the water bowl slouching around..Here I go again, outside..They say stay inside..But no thanks again, I'd rather dodge the falling trees..
This storm broke or uprooted tons of trees..The electric was off for 5 days and nights..Temperatures in the 90's and 100's everyday..Not enough breeze to blow a leaf on a tree..It came through Indiana, Ohio, West VA, and VA..Covered hundreds of miles across..What an experience..
We made it through, no trees on the house or cars..The only thing though, is I got pneumonia, but am about over it..Have FUN and take care..

2/14/2013..I had such a great day yesterday with Mom, and PatWick..What a blast..I LOVE those two..What a pair..Talked,
watched TV, movies and ate..
I was to sore to get up this morning from laughing..Finally up at 10 AM..PatWick telling me it was Friday.."To late to go shopping", he said.."Get up and out..Get it done..Be back home..Don't like the DARK"..
But gets confused and thinks of the Dark One at times..Bad mistake..But he has his own mind to make..

As for Santanisem..If Your invitation to me to join your Personal Network has been denied it is mainly for one reason..Your profile is full of Hail Satan and such crap I'm not interested..As they say..We can only serve one Master and mine sure is not The Evil One..

8/5/2013..Just reminiscing about wayyy wayyy back in time..When I was growing up, in the 70's, sex was a guaranteed pleasure and that was never to be resisted..
I smoked, I drank, did drugs and seized the day..I also read, wrote and sifted through life..It was a wild time when Nice Boys Didn't, and then, us other Boys That Did..
I was a young and naïve boy swept off my feet..I left with the county fair at 16..I was not a virgin nor was I a stranger to "older" (over-twenty y.o.) men..
Much later in years there wasn't any hiding places..Nightclubs, bars, well known hangouts, Sunday brunches and parties with friends..
Lovers appeared to have been as possessive as I was jealous.
They could be called greedy..They could be a little mad, a little lunatic, a Dr. Jekyll sober, a Mr. Hyde drunk..And indeed I feared that I was a boring sober by implication, less boring drunk..
Perhaps drink was an escape..More likely it was the entry to a more agreeable and magical personality..In drink - while you are strong enough to take it - there can be the oriental experience of a continuous present.."I love you forever" means that moment is forever and the love will always exist in that seemingly profound sense..Never mind the more linear chronology.."You are the one I have to live for" means just that, at precisely that moment, desperately..Some would say it was "unfair" on me but I knew about their wives, children or lovers..I knew their vows to them; "I'll never leave you"..I would be heartbroken when they left, but at that age I was heartbroken a lot..What is interesting is the intensity and sincerity which I put in it..I took far far more public risks than I need have done..Said far more than expected..Acted, appeared, "was" in love..It was not so much a "need to be loved" with me (though who has not got that to some degree?) it was a huge appetite for love, for the loving; I was in love with love itself..Later in my life I thought about drunk times, sober times, about how I had loved all sorts of men - old, young, fat, smooth, hairy, lovely, ugly, all creeds, colors, ages and types - and I loved to make love to all of them..
My interest was in taking risks with life, exploring the limits of my personality in the street, bars, in bed or on this stage called life..
For I guess a multitude of reasons, I was hammering myself and hammering my way through life like some Celtic Demon..Daring myself to do my best and my most and life to do its damnedest..My life was way beyond that was acceptable as any "norm"..My own man, I went my own way..It suited me to live several different lives..
My private behavior was beginning not to be that altogether unusual..The ancient world dominated by Doris Day values were breaking up..Divorce rates rocketed, the ideal of sanitized suburban stability began to seem limited, respect for authority plummeted..The idea of the men or women who went their own way rumbled in the near distance..In that sense, my lust, my apparent mission to screw the world and all that moved thereon, and to do it for what to me were good and sufficient reasons, chimed in perfectly with the era..I came out of the closets of the 60's fully primed for the new decade..
In 1970 at my Moms I had sat on the commode, and what sounded like diarrhea, actually turned out to be blood..At 17 I had surgery for polyps..There has never been such a pain in the ass..By the fall of '70 I was about healed..Enough that I knew I had to get out..Had to move on..Where?.Anywhere..Somewhere new and exciting..Just turning 18 I went to Washington D.C...There I met my first husband, and my first marriage..No it wasn't legal..But we lived together as a couple, so I considered him my husband..I KNEW it was too soon after surgery for anal sex..But what's an in-heat, horny twink suppose to do..
I got a job as bus boy at a waterfront restaurant..Than after a month I went to work at another waterfront restaurant where I played waiter..Fantastically unheard of huge tips..My husband worked for a court reporter Co...He had a two story house..We lived on 8th St. N.W...Oh yes, for anyone familiar with D.C...8th St. N.W. during the riots of the 70's..NO Fear-we had bars on all the down stair windows and doors..No one was after people anyway - only the government vehicles..City buses, maintenance vehicles, police cars - burnt..I would sit in an upstairs window and watch the excitement below on the street..Black men against the police..The men cops seemed to be kind of tame..But the women cops were aggressive..They would knock a man in the head with their blackjacks and then they'd throw them in the back of a paddy wagon..No T.V. during that time..
My husband had rooms rented to a houseful of drag queens..My weekends where spent working the restaurant lunch and doing their makeup for the drag shows..Then call cabs and off to the bar for the show..
Oh life was good..But nature seems to have a way to make something happen if things seem to be going to good..I was so close to my Mom..We had been through a lot..She was always there anytime I needed her, and I was there for her..I called her one evening..Soon after she came home from the hospital with surgary..She told me that she hadn't had anything to eat since she had gotten out of hospital..My brother and his wife were freeloading off her living there for nothing, eating her food and eating out, but couldn't see she got something to eat..
I left for the three hour drive back to central VA and fixed her something to eat..Then for a week or so I went back every morning after taking my husband to work and fixed her food and extra for the evening, then back to D.C. in time to pick up husband from work..She got strength to get back on her feet and fix her meals again..
Wouldn't be long and I'd be needing her again because of my health problem..
After a year of continuous anal sex, starting back before I had completely healed from the surgery, I was in bad trouble with my colon again..I went to a Doc in D.C...He put the long hard plastic part of a vacuum cleaner up my ass..Damn these Drs. were even more barbaric than I'd ever been..I decided to go back to VA for surgery..Second surgery turned out to be way better than the first..The dumb Dr. told my Mom that as long as I kept having sex the way I was, that I'd always have a problem with it..He told me, "NO MORE anal sex for a year..OMG..
I couldn't let my husband do without all that time..So back to VA I went..Had surgery and stayed with Mom till I was better..My song at that time was, "We sang in the sunshine..You know we laughed everyday..And, we sang in the sunshine..Then I was on my way..I stayed with you for one year"..Broken hearted again..
I got a job driving a taxi..Easy, no heavy lifting, out and about..Rented a trailer and waited for the year to pass..With the help of friends, especially my closest and best friend, a black woman that seemed to know me better than I did myself..And with the rest rooms, parks, outdoors, and glory holes I got through the year..
Then I knew that I had to get out..Had to move on..Where?.Anywhere..Somewhere new and exciting..That was '71 and 1972 was fast approaching..

8/8/'13..Well I'm finally settled in in Ohio now..Thanks to my friend PatWick..OMG could never had done it without him..He is more help than anyone could ever imagine..Thank you so much PatWick..

When in relationships with men I found myself with different roles that they were bent on finding in one lover..I had to play wife, mother, son, brother, slut, whore, paragon, debating partner, pupil, lover, quick fling, nurse, avenger and equal; and I was prepared to do it..

8/25/2013..If only I had a second chance..
I would further my education..
I would become a computer wiz..
I would learn a second language..
I would build a larger vocabulary..
I would have more balance in my life..
I would read more..
I would work on my public-speaking skills..
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