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Dustin is that little mischevious voice saying eat that last cupcake or go ahead and hit him in the face.

Take the quiz: <a href=" Drug Personality..."<br><img src="" border=0></a><br><b>Weed ;)</b><br>Ahh your a stoner ((maybe we should talk))... you are truly a unique person. You are prolly a very smart person, but in your own way. You are close with your friends... sometimes ignorant people will get in the way and think that your a big looser, but thats not how you are, you just like to look at the world from a different perspective, and you like to giggle alot - but who the fuck doesnt??Maybe you have some personal issues going on, but thats part of life - shit will work out. If not, then there is always the option of staring a marijuana farm!!!!
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