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She says

There are dynamic principles at play in the multiverses we inhabit some of which are easier for us to accept and move among than others.
How much we dance with them is mostly up to our capacity and desire to engage them.
Any universes elemental resources belong to no one entity but to each of its progenies & visitors to care for in every moment.
This planetary sphere's health & equilibrium is sustained by each cell tuned & humming gracefully with its neighbors.
These propositions may be humans most difficult to accept. S.Rosenthal.

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My gift

I'm a visionary intuitive, artist, writer, Astrologer & QiGong practitioner. I offer basic and advanced Astrology chart readings & Tarot interpretations. I focus on dreams, creativity, talent, relationships & locality. I also offer energy healings.
Currently based in Portland OR I'm available for consultations
in person, by phone or online @ 503-608-4739

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The Star

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Denizen Dreamer

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