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Vas Ist Das / Faery

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December 23, 2005
In 200 words:

Air. Alice Jr. Animals. Aura. An airplane ticket and nowhere to go. Beats. Beautiful. Bertha. Bitch tits. Blankets. Bling. Boards of Canada. Breathe. Bring me the cross. Brownies. Café con leche. Calming. Candles. Candy. Capes. Chakra. Cheese. Concern. Connectivity. Costumes. Crazy. Cuddler. Dancing. Dark. Depth. Deserving. Divisidisidero. Double Dutch Bus. DRS. Earth. Emotion. Empathy. Esthero. Faery. Fallopian fun run. Feathers. Fire. Fishnets. Floating. Gargoyles. Gift. Glow. Gold slut-suit. Griffith Park. Grime. Guidance. Hats. Headphones. Herpes. Just kidding. Hilarious. Holistic. Honest. Hugs. Keepsakes. Laughter. Lavendar. Leland. Light. Lingerie. Listen. Love. Magic. Maker's Mark. Malaysian puppets. Sticky rice. Massage. Merkins. Mosquito. Movies. Mrs. Roper. Music. Mysterious. New Years. Ninja. Oktoberfest. Om. Parties in abandoned prisons. Patience. Peanut butter. Periwinkle. Pit sweat. Pirate. Playa. Polyester. Pork. Protection. Records. Refreshing. Release. Rescue. Respect. Retainer. Retarded. Retinas. Road trips. Santa. Searching. Selfless. Sexy. Shocking. Shoulder. Silly voices. Skull and crossbones. Sleeves. Smiles. Soft. Soul. Spankings. Stars. Stay in your area. Strength. Stretch. Stylish. Sugar body scrub. Sultry. Sunglasses. Support. Sushi. Tattoos. Tears. Tents. Text messages. Thingys. Toothbrush. Touch. Tunises. Turntables. Understanding. Victoria's Secret perfume. Vitamins. Vivacious. Warmth. Water. Wine. Who-hands. Whores on the dance floor.

"I'm still in my pajamas."

"Is this your special bush?!"
December 21, 2005
Faery Warrior Princess. Fab DJ. Massage Goddesse. Hot Dancer. Whiskey Whore. Iron Chef. LaQueefah. Sweetest Girl in Brooklyn. There are too many wonderful things I could say about this girl! She cracks me up like no else and always makes me feel at home when I am around her. If you know her, know that you are the LUCKY one. I've never met anyone else quite like her in this crazy world.

Diva LOVES Faery!
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lots...parking lots...pull up, hang out, have a 40oz, moonwalk, and star gaze with me!
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