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i resonate. i pick my fingertips and they look horrible. it's been a life-long habit. sometimes i smoke, sometimes i don't. i swear i grew an inch taller the year i was 18. sometimes i deliberately get lost. other times, it's an accident. at one point, i thought i wanted to be a nun. i was drawn in by the promise of simplicity and solitude. but realized i do not like simple and solitary all of the time, or most of the time for that matter. additionally, i cannot commit to any religious doctrines. that's just me. if you can do it, more power to you. i will smile at you. people will tell me anything. i can sometimes become self-righteous, but try really hard not to. i refuse to pray when i'm scared. i push the envelope at all the right times. i've never been afraid to fly. people look to me to make sense of things, and i oblige, if only to soothe. i might be fake. i might be genuine. it all depends.
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December 20, 2005

I like you.

Uniquely honest and sarcastic similarly adjusting attitudes no need to be rude but undue attention mentioned pretentiously adds tension to cavorting cohorts. whoa. what? I'm not sure that was meant to make sense.

THanks for being a friend in this cold, cold world. ;D

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