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The "Life" of Love

   Sat, July 25, 2009 - 9:23 PM
The “Life” of Love

We, who are alive, are made of the same stuff, come from the same place, and will return to the unknown eventually. We all realize at some point in our lives, how much we love life. We will do anything to get love in our lives. We try many tactics, most of which leave us unsatisfied and emotionally drained. This simple fact creates much confusion and turmoil, leaving us with mountains of inner and outer conflicts to sort out or run from. The inner battleground turns into our outer warfare.

Yet, all we want, is to be loved and respected in life. How does that turn into all this distortion we feel, sense, and perceive? Is it possible, that what we have to offer life, is our own distorted love?

The energy we radiate infuses our words and actions with meaning, speaking to our whole selves louder then words or actions could. What do we truly radiate energetically, with our actions and words? Is it that which we seek? What we offer each other, is what we experience. We can all see the proof of it around us, when we choose to see!

When we offer distortion, we see confusion. When we speak clearly from our hearts, others respond insightfully. Entrainment of perceptions is always affecting our interactions, for we affect others more then we will ever know.

Most of the time we don’t know what we have, till we loose it, and learn to value what we had clearly.

For a lack of a better word, love is what we see as the connectedness between us, for in our universe all the components support the whole function, from an atom to a galaxy. When one component crumbles, everything else compensates to retain balance.

So, if we come from the energy of love, and return to undistorted/unconditional love, life is a journey through the distortion, to learn how to value love. We have to forget love temporally to understand it completely.

When we with-hold our love, or distort it, we do not hurt others much, really we just tell them to back off while we hurt ourselves tremendously. Our numerous self-inflicted wounds, that we try to heal through inflicting more wounds, that we cover up with apathy.

The remedy is simple, we already have it in our hearts eternally.
Undistorted/unconditional love and support is our aim through our journey. That is what life have to offer, the discovery of what we have to offer, the value of what we come from and return to eventually.

The Value of Love and Life’s Journey… By Ishi


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