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about me
I am the web administrator for Social Kink ( I've been working there since shortly after the site launched in October of 2007. Social Kink is a free networking site available for everyone in the BDSM and fetish lifestyles and scenes and welcomes just about everyone. It is a place where you can post uncensored adult photos, links, videos and content.

About me:
I've been using Tribe for a number of years but canceled my original account last year. I've decided to come back to Tribe because I really enjoyed all of the groups and people on here.

I have lived in Charlotte since 2005 and I think I'm going to be here for awhile. I came from California originally and spent part of my life in Nevada. I have a great full time job at an internet company and I am going back to school for IT.

I am into music. I've developed a major love for sci-fi. I like being in nature and enjoy modern things. Sometimes I want to run away and live in the woods, or travel the country by foot or RV, or move to a new city every year. I like the conveniences of modern life though.

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