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June 29, 2004
This woman is one of the most authentic and passionate humans I've known. She spins joyous freedom among the people she relates with, inviting true spirit to be explored and enjoyed. She has immpecable taste in cuisine and service, an adventurous curiosity in music and movement, an insatiable ability to care for and about tame and wild creatures and has learned about herself with such grace and ferver that I have in turned been able to grow just by association!

When this world has been blessed by love, flowers that bloom take the shape of women like Pam.

She steps courageously forward and honors history with true colors of life. You'll be a lucky soul to call her friend, I am.!
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I spend a lot of my time walking on my hands, networking all my favorite, gifted people with others that could benefit from their wisdom, and curiously collecting stories of other humans (and my own) that inspire, motivate and heal our psyches.
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