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A being embracing the constant change of particle stimulus of a matrix my systems of a multitude of specialized cells perceive and call it reality. Through practice of un attachment and openness to new movement re patterning brain circuitry to create a flexiblity of existing in numerous environments for more then survival but for experience. healing the body and mind through personal exploration of self through touch and movement. bringing about awareness, and acting out of love and kindness.
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New ideas on the horizon

Spontaneous changes pour from her lips begining with a trickle of a thought ro a rushing river as it meets my ears, and with roots shallow such as these that wash away easily. seperated from the soil we are carried on Ideas and words of possiblities in the never ending quest to go deeper into self and deeper into the universe. Through quiting the mind, and training the body to reach beyond its believed limitations.
Plans for travel further into to past, a plac... read more
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