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December 11, 2007
An amazing seamstress, hilarious performer, and a supportive friend, Kristin is one in a million. She's truly awesome and awe inspiring. I covet her sewing room. Also, anyone who can gross out a monger is a pretty good find. Kudos, Scott!
August 16, 2007
Kristin is a quirky friend to have. We have been friends for 19 years now and I must say, she is still as interesting today as she was then. I can't imagine looking in the future and not seeing Kristin, Jenny and I baffling people with our images of how we use to be. Lets just say selling Kristin on the streets of Seattle, Jenny's "grace" and my high school strip tease, just a few of our more interesting conversations. Those who get to see us talk about High School often look amazed that we became friends, in many ways we're polar opposites. I can't imagine two more creative and intelligent people who if they ever put there mind to it could rule this world (and take me along for the ride). I have been truly blessed in my life with friends who bolster me when I need it and at the same time will tell me to get a life.
Kristin brought me into faire and I have enjoyed every minute of it. What a truly fabulous way to spend time with friends who become more like family. Maybe one day I will see my daughter holding slugs to amuse the masses, I can then look at Kristin and say “This is all your fault”! She will smile and say “Of Course it is, that’s what I do”! It’s good to have friends like Kristin.
August 13, 2007

Kristin is hysterical. From her nasty slug companions, to rolling down hills, to letting people drink from between her gracious plenty of bosom, Kristin is always doing something completely amusing at Faire. Not only that, the woman can make a stunning noble gown out of an old slipcover. Capable, intelligent, funny and quick witted, Kristin is a wonderful part of our Faire, and we're damn lucky to have her. Her husband (Scott, why doesn't your testimonial thingie work? Boo....) is a rather nice asset for us as well, being wickedly funny and astoundingly smart as well, and the both of you are absolutely dear to me, and to the rest of us at Faire. And, you guys come right in there with Mary and Roger as being the happiest married couple I know. Well done, all around. :)
July 13, 2007
Kristin's my long walk on a beach, my silly love poem, my muse, my fairy tale. She's made quilts, costumes, taught me things I never thought I'd learn and learned things I'd never thought of. She's at once the logical math-loving opposite and the person who finishes my sentences and wells with creativity when I've struck a drought. She's the soul of discretion and innocence and yet somehow makes more mischief than I do and gets caught considerably less. She's my best friend, my love, the subtler half of my soul.

(Kristin is also either crazy or a saint... she must be one or a candidate for the other if she's put up with me this long!)
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My Blog

Got some fabric left over from that last chemise or skirt? Switching from cotton to linen or wool and don't know what to do with all that cotton? Did you buy fleece a couple of years ago and never get around to making that cloak? Found a wool you like better, so now the fleece is surplus? Now might be a good time to go thru and see what fabric you might not use again, while planning this years projects.

Pacific fabrics is offering coupons in exchange for fabric for Project Linus. (5% for e... read more
Fri, January 30, 2009 - 1:04 PM permalink - 0 comments
After a series of unfortunate events I found out this morning, while at work, that my Grandpa died this morning. He had gotten pneumonia recently and they had put him on oxygen this past weekend.

Then to add insult to injury - since I wasn't thinking straight - I posted to FB. Thankfully I was talking to Scott right after that and realized what I had done. My brother is on my friends list. I didn't know if he had been told. I didn't want him to find out that way. Thankfully Melissa s... read more
Wed, November 26, 2008 - 1:55 PM permalink - 5 comments
Yet another reason to be a G-mail user:
Tue, October 7, 2008 - 3:14 PM permalink - 0 comments
I stole this one from Scottie-

9 lasts:
Last money spent: (not counting bridge tolls) groceries
Last cigarette: other than chocolate or bubble gum? never
Last beverage: Peppermint tea (or water)
Last movie: I Am Legend (same as Scott - Oh yeah probably because he watched it with me)
Last phone call: Scott
Last song played: background sound to the new Harry Potter trailer
Last bubble bath: last September, when Calabash dumped bubble solution down my bodice.
Last time you cried: Ye... read more
Thu, July 31, 2008 - 9:29 PM permalink - 0 comments
Scott's jet pack.

For the price though, he will have to wait a while before he gets to bring one home.
Wed, July 30, 2008 - 1:41 PM permalink - 7 comments
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