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the human guest on the muppet show? the 8th dwarf? the 119th element? a human fixie and accidental feminist

as zen guru Alan Watts once said, "defining oneself is like biting one's own teeth." Lookin' for someone else to bite me I guess.
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spandex your mind

The stupidest, most self-destructive thing I’ve done LATELY: ride my bike from Santa Rosa to SF (approx 60 miles) on MLK day. I was done visiting my folks, Dad and I looked at the weather on the internet. It said it was sprinkling in SF, but in Windsor it looked fine and I generally think the storms work their way from North to South, so I figured the “sprinkles in SF” were just the usual droppings of moisture @ the GG Bridge and trees of Presidio.

Boy was I wrong. I could not have been wr... read more
Fri, January 25, 2008 - 4:24 PM permalink - 1 comment
this reminds me of when I visited Florence in 2000. EVERYbody riding bikes. Mostly helmetless, many cigarettes in hand. Little old ladies in mauve fur-lined coats. Gasoline was about $5 a gallon there at the time. Necessity is a muther! And I'll bet these people are pleased to find themselves having a much better time 2 wheeling it than they were stuffed in a cab in traffic:
Wed, January 23, 2008 - 9:57 AM permalink - 0 comments
This is another gem I found on the shelf at the public library. "twelve" Patti Smith. I’m all about City Car, Boat, and Book Share, Family Child Share, borrow til you buy. Keep it Simple: non-ownership until you’re sure you’re sold.

First of all, there aren’t many people with the talent and balls to cover such genius as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and the Rolling Stones without sounding like a silly overblown ego. I love that she sings the praises of Grace Slick’s ... read more
Mon, December 31, 2007 - 1:19 PM permalink - 0 comments
I'm suffering without my tribe, so I must ramble here about some of the strange dreams I've been having as of late. Mega-mavericks type waves and rotting teeth star frequently in my most vivid of dreams. Don't over analyze this; I used to be scared of open water, now I'm scared of my dentist.

So there was this surfing competition going on and beforehand, I was just taking a rollercoaster ride through the water, sans board. Scary but fun stuff. I evolved and crawled onto shore to find what ... read more
Tue, October 30, 2007 - 2:41 PM permalink - 0 comments
Think or Thwim
Cranky Bikes and the women that love them?

I’m just a bike riding punster with a road to grind, but no story to tell.

I wasn’t in the office 2 minutes, hadn’t gotten near my desk, and already 2 people had asked me, “where’s your bike?”

We’re not joined at the hip, fer chrissake! I guess I should just be glad they recognized me without it. Some people don’t. Some people wouldn’t recognize me in various states of dress, undress, or suit either. We become accustomed to s... read more
Fri, September 21, 2007 - 2:50 PM permalink - 1 comment
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