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Snow Fairie


Blessings of the season, and may the Snow Fairie visit you in person, or in spirit, and help shovel the snow from your walkways ...

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Worst fears

Wow - i'd been afraid of drains since i was a kid - thought it was a phantom fear - but maybe i wasn't wrong after all:


part of the kid's intestines were sucked out by a strong drain in a wading pool last year, and she is now recovering from triple organ transplant surgery to repair the damage.
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Wage Peace with your Teddy Bear

In response to the following, i have honorably named one of my son's teddy bears Muhammed.

The bear that the name was drawn to is a puppet.

A small puppet. Looks a little like a Wookie. Now sits smiling on top of my monitor :-)


i have been in a couple of riots.
yes people do go that crazy. and they start making knee-jerk associations, and taking outrageous and destructive random action.

there are so many things wrong with people sincerely and passionately rioting to "kill the teacher because the children named a teddy bear in honor of a prophet of wisdom" scenario that i'm not sure where to start.

OK.. Here's a survey:

Would it make more sense to:
A: Kill the children, and/or sentence them to 40 lashes apiece (after all, they named the bear, right??)
B: Expedite the transfer of the teacher to another country before she is lynched.
C: Wage an expensive and lengthy war against all people who describe their path to peace and prosperity in different terms than you do.
D: Name your stuffed animals anything you wish to.

Friends, Lettuce-eaters, Contradancers, I welcome your response....

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varied skills

old thread, fresh skills:

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Reforming justice for rape victims

Here's an article about the sentencing for the rape victim in saudi whose sentence was recently increased to 200 lashes for talking to the media.


This article also includes info on the sentencing for the men involved, which i find helpful.

Here's an idea: Instead of giving the woman lashings for being involved in this situation, how about the men who raped her, in addition to their own lashings, publicly receive her lashings - wearing her underwear.

Yes, there is a whole other debate about punishment/revenge/justice/reform/torture ,,,,, and whether or not doing bad things to someone actually helps them to become a better person somehow .....

and the above suggestion will surely be too fetishistic for some people's preference - but it has a certain poetry, especially given that some men believe their power will be taken away if they even touch women's underwear .... the lashings would be in effigy, so to speak, on the woman's underwear instead of on her body ...
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latex fetish

latex fetish costumes:


not cheap. some quite sexy. some .... well .... either pretty weird, or too predictable. interesting, though.
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getting out of the box

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

- Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

and given that he is thought of for his rational computations, i wonder if the rational be the shadow, then what is the full light and the breadth of his intuitive perception

thks zani for quote
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Eve Teasing

wow. it's so intense and accepted as a usual phenomenon that the poster didn't consider herself a victim of abuse when guys were "just" rubbing their dicks against her on the bus.

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