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CircuiTree of Lifecelebrates six months!


We are the CircuiTree of Life. We are rooted in the earth as the current flows through us, our branches stretching wide. Our voices are the wind that blows the leaves. Our music is the lullaby that stars sing to each other...

Date & Time:
Every second and fourth Thursday of the month
-Next event on Thursday, June 22, 2007, 8-12 pm

The Venue:
Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, THE westside spot for raw lifestyle community
2301 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA, 90405
(310) 392-9501

The Hosts:
Truth I and Aradhana Silvermoon

The DJ:
Kevin Chills

Join this gathering of phenomenally talented poets, singers, players of instruments, dancers, alchemists, visionaries...

**8 to 9:15: Raw Funk- Resident DJ Kevin Chills spins downtempo, ambient, ethnic grooves while world-renowned chef Matt Amsden's delicious living foods cuisine is served until 10ish. Eat Light! Juices, elixirs, teas, and tonics are available all night.

**8:30: Artist sign-up list opens. Come early!

**9:00 to 11:00: Truth I kicks off the open mic. Performers are asked to limit pieces to about 4 or 5 minutes in length. (Percussion, musical accompaniment, and/or instrumental records are available upon artist request.)

**11:00 to Bliss: Join the u-n-i versal jam session to close the night- dance, drum, play, sing, and freestyle with other beautiful creativists...

**The vibe is light and supportive, the intention is soulful expression and inspiration.

**As artists of like spirit and mind assemble, creative energy flows in great rivers across the land, flooding the streets, transforming life as time's expression of art...

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Hear this song, featuring Aradhana Silvermoon, at or

i little comprehend the beauty of the moths that grace my window
i open it
they fly into the candle as i sit still

i get real upset cause i’m a man with much respect
connected to the world around me
growing deep in every breath

express the dialect of the lion sect
within the motions of a silent gesture
extend my hand until they’re flying next to the flesh

burning as i try to separate the wings from the flame
singeing my mane
singing the name of something holy

then accepting the pain
flexing boldly
recollecting verses that a stranger told me

he said
“listen closely
there’s many tests
for u it’s mostly mental discipline
u got to concentrate to let the visions in
even if it means letting go of pain u witnessing
every living thing has a destiny it’s fitting in
from beautiful moths to wretched citizens
even if u hear the thoughts they’re whispering
wings charred and sizzling
exhale and bring it in”

my hand lingering
finally withdrew from the space around the flame
where the moths were pulled again and again to incinerate

better save my strength for a more significant date
when we travel at a more extinguishing rate

eyes closed
began to meditate
just then a breeze on my face

opened an eye
saw a translucent butterfly approaching swift
gliding soft
she came to rest on my lips

so long
since i felt ur butterfly kiss
so long
since i felt ur butterfly lips
so strong
when we share a butterfly kiss
so long
until the next butterfly kiss

i know the old saying
if u love then let it go
and if it’s meant to be, it comes back

two halves inseparable
components of a measurable whole
symmetrical atop the pedestal soul
of holy unknown electrical hold
exchanging currents

although we’re nervous
in our hearts there’s reassurance

we walk with purpose
signs in the sky
observe with urgence

emergence is our deepest service

when we breathe and step out
from behind the curtain with our chests out
inside we feel the earth spin

then become eternal virgins
when we touch for the first time
we get so hot that light is curving

that’s the certainty of spiritual puberty

magnetic effects of gravity wrapping me into your density
it’s all energy rapidly disseminated
our sensitivity is elevated
movements are orchestrated in this symphony

we adorn our hair with live epiphanies
expand rhythmically
crescendo infinitely

echo from tranquility’s sea
as we learn to play the organ
skin’s intended to be

see, only love can ever set us free
there’s nothing else to accomplish
life ain’t a contest

and i’m your proud accomplice
in context of supreme goddess
the supple flower that doesn’t drop a petal despite the harvest

in subtle hours
we walk the edge of the blade to find the sharpest convergence
there we meditate the razor’s surface
contemplate the steps that take a conscious mind the furthest

before i see u receive this word kiss
a testament to purest sentiments
sealed beneath the letterhead
royal penmanship

if there ever is a time u feeling lonely on ur own
play this song and know i’m with u
u can never be alone

so long
since i felt ur butterfly kiss
so long
since i felt ur butterfly lips
so strong
when we share a butterfly kiss
so long
until the next butterfly kiss
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Magnetic Moon 1, kin 209, Red Magnetic Moon

Day Out of Time Ritual

Yesterday morning I sat in the sunrise and played didge until my breath was loose. Then I knelt, pressing my perinium into the grass, inhaling hunab ku thru a sunbeam straw into the hollow earth's iron crystal core, up her magnetic arterial ley lines into my root chakra, vibrating merkaba blueprint cells as phaseshift locked in, opening vacuum spinal axis, accelerating thru sacral and solar plexus pleasure vortices, hitting heart, fractally shattering light, passing throat like aum shanti, dilated indigo optic pineal pulsing beneath crown of dirty dozen charge fields ultraviolet, bending back into self originating phi nest sphere, skipping up and down the spiral stairs with cosmic orgasm's childlike glee . Eyes opened and saw sun flickering on and off; was i really moving fast enough to stand between luminous spears like gymclass dodgeball? Swarming dragonflies at 12 o'clock high, braiding 3 and 9 in a low 6 o'clock slip knot. Hummingbirds in pairs like hovercraft tenors with bees honey alto angle chords harmonic. All these invisible wings to remind me of my own, naked eyes deceitful frame lacking the substance of true image glory. Rising to stand on level ground, but waves ripple the field like a choppy day on the bay- the earthquake is in the footprints. So i place my head where my balls had been and step down onto the sky, empty column inversed, giggling balance, groaning the skeletons from my joints. And when I finally let the wind push me over, ether worms caught my somersault and set me firmly upright. And shortly thereafter, when I answered the phone for the first time, still dizzy in the afterglow, she said, "I have no idea what dimension i'm in..."
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about me
i channel in order to reflect, inspiring order. i seal the matrix of endlessness with the resonant tone of attunement. i am guided by the power of heart... i am the change i want to see in the world... i am love on legs running up on fools... i am light living large... i am the fulfillment of prophecy, aren't u?

my only identity is creator and therefore artist, molding, splashing, stroking, weaving, singing, pooping reality into existence. i have many overlapping projects that boil down to parallel occupations of my time- reckless breathless creative geniously insane intergalactic music and poetry ( and bodhisatvic compulsion to ascend this planet thru facilitating lifestyle transformation with my beautiful partner Aradhana Silvermoon (

i have written six collections of poetry documenting the multidimensional angst and triumph of hatching wide-the-fuck-open and four of which are self-published and available if u email me
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