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All in the Family......

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The Dancin' Tree

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Its a Wonderful Day.....

in this neighborhood*.....
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Ancient Mayan Mexico...

Chichen Itzzza......
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Word Up!!

March 7, 2007
A to the B to the G,
Happy Birthday to thee!
Big ups and mad props to those that brought you into this world,
thank you for sharing your gifts and presence.
Stay Fun!
March 6, 2007
Andrea Neighbor of all neighbors! Has been such a light of inspiration in strength, determination, goodness, love and life. Starting off two steps from each other in beautiful San Diego we shared tea, cigarettes, wine, stories, laughter and tears. It is a rarity to find a friend, such as she, who has extended herself so beautifully. She is my family as well as my friend. I am always amazed at her wisdom and have such gratitude for all her kind words of positivity… which keep me going in hard times. I know I can always count on her as unconditional, and for real. She is powerful, beautiful, kind, generous, true friend to the end, Goddess Butterfly Gypsy of Amazingness! And she cooks, too! Yeahyah! Sister, I love you… thank you! Let us dance…
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March 5, 2007
Andrea has been a dear friend to me for the last 8 years. She is an old soul ‎in a young body. When you think about a flower child she is the poster child ‎for that. I have never come across a more care free spirit in any one. She ‎is a nature child that loves to live off the land; her magic green thumb makes ‎things grow like a Jack in the green as she talks and sings to her plants.‎
She is definitely a butterfly gypsy and no Eagle warrior and at times a bit ‎naïve. I hope you find a soul mate that sees in you parts of him and ‎recognize the potential for the both of you to walk together in beauty.‎
Your friend, always
Ron, ‎
For your birthday this year of 2007‎
March 5, 2007
SHE'S GOT THAT JUJUMOJO! Take a real good look right into those big, brown eyes and behold, such a sweet,formidable spirit. This pisces/taurus girl goes all deep and wide! She's a work of art in progress,and when she comes dancing into your field, with her comes a flurry of colorful butterfly wonder! She's been kissed by the goddess, and will touch your soul with wild, adorable grace! Her hands are generous,capable conduits which craft,cook and heal! I've been blessed beyond measure in this solid,enduring friendship! I'm honored to share with you that she has been sent here on a majical mission: To make our earth a more fun, beautiful place! Thank you darling one!
February 28, 2007
This is a wild, beautiful,cwazy (in a good way) woman and I putting my two cents in on behalf of a great new found friend ....she truly is one of those people who when i met her gave me the delightful feeling of an old friend...she has been ssoooo much fun to hang out with and get to know better!!! we've had some great personal time together and she has been extremely caring and considerate of me in this new acquaintance...not to mention an awesome person to just go have some kick a-- fun with ... may our friendship endure ...blessings and peace in abundance to you 'butterfly gypsy' !!! U*
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Green Tara..... completed*
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This ButterflyGypsy needs her Flower....

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Green Goddess.......

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Dance of the Thousand-Armed Bodhisattva

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Laughter is Contagious....

If you wanna really laugh hard and make yourself happy and smile, This is a *MUST SEE* video clip...... Turn up the speakers.....
Its Hilarious and had me smilin' for a while...
Just wanted to share alittle fun with everyone...
"A"Butta*flyGypsy danicin' on the flowers in the meadows, gigglin' as I go.....
Mon, February 19, 2007 - 10:38 AM permalink - 1 comment
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My Rebirthing Experience......

Rising through the Flames, like a soar high above in the sky again... Free from all that I have left behind in the past, so, to start fresh and Create a New Beginning.....Ahhh, Freedom.....through Rebirthing......What a Blissful feeling..
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Ya' wanna know, Huh.....

about me
Mmmmuuh, Oh-yeah'....... I am Humbly Outrageous in all that I do...I love to create happiness where ever I go and all around me.... Smiles are important to me.....Spreading good vibs through vision, touch and sound.... *Balance*......
*I am single* and very attracted to 'Men'....... Hello))))).........
And now, Im going to leave it up to you to find out more about me, Hee,hee, Haa,haa........ ;)
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Strength and Beauty

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Recently this song came to me, at a time in my life were this was well needed to reflect on the truth about what *Love&Fear* really is........
I find it to be so real, beautiful and powerful....
I wanted to share this with you all........
Take a moment and listen......

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Belly Danc'r, Snake Charm'r