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I am skeptical, sensual, mischevious, articulate and silly. I like to play with circus arts, especially fire arts. I repair and maintain computers. Though I don't drink it often I make one helluva cup of coffee. :P I mimic voices and I sing in the shower, by thunder!
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People who think I'm nifty and why:

July 11, 2005
we rely on this man to fix our computers,
for good reason. HE ROCKS THAT TECHIE SHIT!
I have know him for more than ten years and he has always been trustable, honest, and hard working. What more could you ask for in a partner in ... er, anyway, he's quite a swell guy
July 3, 2005
My first exposure to Corey was in Café Mokka. Unfortunately, my back was always turned to him. (I was/still am in the band Chubritza.) The thing that strikes me about Corey is his clarity. Looking at his eyes, one can note his intelligence and focus (when he wishes it.) Secondly, his humor is something which always earns him my respect.

Craig Kurumada

June 26, 2005
I think I'd run out of space if I had to rant and rave about how awesome this guy is.

Corey's fabulously brilliant in a maniacal genius sort of way, clever, sophisticated, fantabulous, gorgeous, honest, respectful, lesbian-charmer, exceptional, sugar-filled, lip-smackin' good, caring, graceful, gentlemanly, manly, girly, sexy, hot, tasty, and a 100% good time!

In other words:

I love you.
March 7, 2005
I don know how he does it.... but he does it...and it's awesome.
Yes it's true, I am somewhat jealous of the almighty one. The juggling master- the white suit- the pantyhose (? know)- the googling man behind the bunny ears...
The pure, unadulterated (adult rated) Talent.
Oober oober talent.

What can't he do?
February 9, 2005
Easily among the most talented & innovative people I know, Corey has both my friendship & my respect. It pleases me to put my talents at your disposal.

With due regard,
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