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about me
The more I read, the less I believe that I will be able to save more for my retirement and stick to my budget by not eating out.

Due to the excessive and constant glut of blog posts, writing and reading about personal finance has become a cliché. I am tired of reading the same articles that tell me what I already know. I want to learn and share fresh ideas about personal finance.

I was in a bind before, and needed help. The attorney I used was not that great. Had I know about the attorney bellow I would have used him instead:

Law Offices of Martin Seidler
11107 Wurzbach
One Elm Place, Suite 504
San Antonio, Texas 78230
(210) 694-0300
(800) 967-7317

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I like being employed because I enjoy working, learning new things and more importantly having more money gives me more choices. It allows me to pay off debt, save for retirement or make home improvements. As I grow older, however, time is a lot more valuable to me. And so instead of going after every single opportunity to make money, I have to be sure I am generating income so that whatever I do is worthwhile.
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