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Lady Anastasia

joined on 04/06/05
last updated 07/16/07
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March 5, 2007
A timeless beauty to be certain, but so much more. Grace, compassion, strength beyond what many may think possible in one so refined, graceful, empathetic, directed and driven...these are but a few qualities that this woman, I call friend, posseses.

Lady Anastasia, is an old soul and therefore wise beyond her years. She is a visionary in many respects and does not suffer fools for long. She does not vascilate when she takes a stand and is not one to sit on the fence, she chooses her battles and puts her wholeself into them. You can see why I hold her in such high regard.

I have known her but a short time but she has found a place with us at the Citadel and more importantly, in my heart.

Thank you for your kind heart, eager mind and friendship. I am proud to call you sister.

Deepest respect and warmest regards always...if you need me...look beside you. I am there.

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about me
I have been taught, in a very brief time, the true meaning of love and service. There is no distance between being strong and giving. This has been my paradox, now resolved.

Yours in Love and Service.
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