Pictures of pictures

   Sat, February 19, 2011 - 4:14 AM
Most everyone by now has taken a glance at their own street or neighborhood on Google Street View. Crimes have been solved or revealed via the images. Threats and jokes made, sites created. But how about using Google Street View as a starting point for photojournalism?

This fellow, Michael Wolf, did just that:

Some photos are the things you really didn't want anyone else to see. And some are things you may not want to see, for instance, the man carrying the gun. What if that's your neighborhood? Or what if it's someone you know? How about the little kids beating up another kid, or hiding their faces while giving the camera the finger?

Other images are mysterious, like the ghostly shadow in the alleyway. Or what caused the bicycle accident, was it in part due to the distraction of the Google Street View vehicle itself?

I'm not sure I'd call it "photojournalism" but I would call it art, or pointing out what already exists in a new focus.

I've browsed various areas in Google Street View myself, places I am sure never to visit, but I too find 'art' in the various angles and streets. The people passing by. The way the light is at a certain moment. Like one street in Manhattan, where the light hitting the ground was the reflection of a reflection of a sun hitting the street, just shards of light as bounced off window after window. And there were few/no people in the image. It was surreal.


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