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Vet- tech/ Bellydancer

about me
I teach private lessons usually, begginer, advanced, veil, and prop balancing. I can use finger cymbols (zills) but prefer not to and veil but prefer not to. My style is very Americanized and is a mixture of different bellydance styles, I guess just what ever I've learned and thought would go well together, but I do know the differences in the different styles. I am starting to get into the Turkish style a little more, and floor work.
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Looking for an exciting new way to get physically fit? Want more defined abs, shapely butt, sleeker thighs? Want to have fun and learn an exotic ancient dance at the same time? Why not try bellydance?

Bellydances sinewy sways, undulations and earthy hip movements are the perfect way to melt those holiday pounds and your man’s heart. Build your confidence, strength, and balance and expand your dance movement knowledge.

Beginning Class
Intermediate Class
Advanced Class
Prop Instructio... read more
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