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Rob the accordionMan

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About Me

about me
Married almost 40 years (got married when I was 22) to a great lady who loves me enough to listen to my accordion playing every day! I fall in love with her again and again.

3 grown kids. My son is a sculptor/teacher, my daughter is a Nurse/published romance writer and my youngest just started a career as a recruiter in the health care industy. I love them so much.. we have great relationships... each special and wonderful in a different type of way.

I'm a freelance graphic designer. (

I also love to go to Burning Man.... I've been going since 1999. In 1998 my son went... when he came back he said.. "Dad you've got to go to this event!" He was right... haven't missed a year since.

When I was younger, I made money playing my accordion up in the Catskill mountains (think Dirty Dancing... even played a a strip club for a while in South Fallsberg NY.... "Stop playing that accordion like you're playing for a Bar Mitzvah... give me something ROUGH!)

At that time my drawing and painting was my creative release.

Now that I'm making money with graphic design, I play my accordion for creative release.

I love chocolate, potato chips and pretzels.

I love fossils. I love holding a meterorite in my hands and trying to imagine the 2.5 billion years that it took to get to earth.

I read the comics everyday. I love to swim. I love talking to strangers.... the stranger the better.

My Philosophy:

Rules for having a great relationship:
1- If you can't tell your lover about something you want to do... don't do it.
2- Don't go to bed angry.
3- If you have a fight, resolve it, don't repeat it and don't bring it up again... it's resolved.
4- Kiss hello when you meet and kiss goodbye when you depart.
5- Don't take your love for granted... hug every day.

About kids:
Have dinner with them as much as you can.
Get to know their friends.
Don't get crazy about what they look like or how they express themselves... pay attention to their core values: are they kind?
Support their passions.
Have fun with them.
Sometimes all you have to do is listen.
You can't have an argument if one person is calm.
Enjoy them.... they grow up fast.

Here's a link to my blog on how to be a Successful Freelance Graphic Designer:
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My Testimonials

October 3, 2010
Unlike Kamikaze, I have had the pleasure and honor of hearing Rob's accordion up close and personal. In a private moment that I will treasure forever from Burningman 2010, he accompanied me on a song I had written to honor a beloved burner who was killed in a tragic automobile accident, and a dear friend who worked with me for 10 years.

He designed the 2010 logo for the BRC Division of Geology t-shirts that I gifted to friends.

And then, to see just what a master showman he is, I attended his live performance in Center Camp. He's AWESOME! And he turned towards me, pointed at me, and said, "Shout out to the Rhino!". I was honored to have been a part of his experience, and honored to have him as part of mine. I miss him already. What a guy!

Dude, we have many conversations and music to share in the future.
July 30, 2009
I've appreciated Rob's posts over the years.
He brings something good to the table here on Tribe. And that is all too rare.


I'm just happy that I have never been subjected to his accordion music on Playa.
Here's to never meeting, Rob (although we probably have, great Playa encounters forgotten the next day!)
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