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April 29, 2005
Once upon a time, I used to be single and free to flirt with Leif -- and he is the most marvelous flirt -- he's charming and funny and he can sing beautifully, oh yes, he can. And he's NICE too!! What more can you ask for?!?! Single women of the world, line up and -- enjoy, Leif -- he's the real thing ....
August 2, 2004
Good food with good friends is one of my favorite pastimes, and Leif is the best person to share a meal with. He will try anything, appreciates both talent and effort, and will help you get over your inherent prejudices. Always up for a 7 course meal, he knows how to pace himself and not fill up on the appetizer.
July 9, 2004
Do not use without adult supervision.
March 9, 2004
Leif is a Renaissance Man. He can do anything he puts his mind to. He's also a good friend. If you need help he's your man. If you just need someone to hang around with, he's good for that, too. If Leif doesn't have it, you don't need it.
January 23, 2004
Leif is like no other that I've met... I mean he is MORE of a flirt than I am... that is rare! But I love it because it's nice to have someone else flirt with me before I flirt with them. He is very cute and looks like a "nice young man." However, sometimes I see this darker side glint in his eyes or voice... and I'm not yet sure if it scares me or turns me on. I'm glad Leif exsists!!!
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The Life-of-Leif

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Saucy Jack, eat your heart out
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I'm a real live human being. No fake body parts.
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Chameleon ( miscellaneous » computers / tech tips ) "I'd heard really good things about the Chameleon" I'd heard really good things about the Chameleon, available from Radio Shark.

It fails, for me, in practical use. Of course, I haven't sat down to try and completely customize it, but it's just weirdly designed, and it doesn't 'feel' like a g... read more
recommendation posted on Sun, April 25, 2004 - 11:35 PM
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