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ali cat

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Builders By Day and Fire Dancers by nite

Ali and Jewels in front of the demonstration straw bale home we built at Bonnaroo Music Festival to promote environmental awareness just before we go and join Such n Such Fire Performers for a nighttime show.
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Kaivalya Hoopers

Ali performs with these fabulous folks...
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A Full Circle

A Full Circle Dance Troupe
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Hoop Dance Tribe

A local tribe with global intentions ~; thanks Jules
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Natural Building Workshops/Design

We built this adobe fireplace with the help of Janell Kapoor and Mollie Curry in a small bungalow at the Sequatchie Valley Institute. We covered it with an earthen plaster, then an earthen paint. We corbeled in some shelves, and I cut old mirrors and se
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Fermentation/ Edible Wild Foods Workshop

Learn how to Make Mead, Saurkraut, Kimchi, Miso, Kombucha, Yogurt, etc...I love to ferment and forage...
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Ali Hoopin with the CX-1 possy

Ali Hooping at Bob 7's with CX-1, Joe Craven, Future Man, etc...
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Feelin da love

September 19, 2007
ali cat slinked into hoop heaven one night, quiet and gorgeous, and i loved her right away! her ease and grace and beauty are striking, as are her openness and kindness. i look forward to playing with her more!
March 9, 2007
a delightful breeze of color and motion
December 4, 2006
I love this woman. She is a sweet being of light. She is a goddess. She is a teacher. She is an activist. She is constantly evolving, constantly striving to do better and to be better. She doesn't wait for things to happen; she goes out and makes things happen. I know her well ... and yet I'm still in awe of who she is. Love love love to you my friend.
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ali cat

Photo by Fuz Sanderson
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ali cat at red rocks

Photo by Scott Strowmeyer; with Kaivalya Hoopers
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A Full Circle

Ali cat, Caroleeena, and Jewels. Check us out at
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Fire and Ice

Photo by Mica. First Snow of the Season...
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A Hot Hot Summer Night

The Paper Hand Puppet Intervention's Radical Puppet Show followed by A Full Circle Fire Performance was fabulous!
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Recent and Upcoming Events:

Jan 13, 2008-ali cat with Kaivalya Hoopers at Red Rocks Private Party, CO
Feb 9-10, ali cat with Kaivalya Hoopers at Extremem Ski Expo, Sqaw Valley, CA
Mar 26-April 7- Kaivalya in Delhi, India
April 11-16, Hoop Convergence in Carrboro, NC
April 17-20 Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, Silk Hope, NC, dancing with Full Circle
June 19-21- ali cat with Kaivalya at Sonic Bloom,
July 2-6- ali cat with Kaivalya at Rothbury,
July 18-21 Transformus,
Aug 8, 2008 World Hoop Day in Cheeseman Park, Denver, CO,,,
Aug 15-16 ali cat with Kaivalya at Yarmony Grass,
Aug 26-Sept 3 touring in NC and GA
Sept 19-21 Hoop Camp in Santa Cruz, CA,
Oct 3-5 Alchemy-the Georgia Burn in N. GA,
Oct 6-12 Earthskills Primitive Skills Gathering, GA
Oct 18-ali cat performs at private party
Dec 21-27 NC/GA

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Grand Fire Tribe by Scott Fray

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Night of the Dancing Flame

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Rusted Root and Katydids...

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Ali cat poi dance

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Magic Bicycle

Ali and Caroleeena perform at a vampire rock star wedding at Castle McCulloch...complete with chilled fog machine, choreography, and bad ass costumes...
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Go Triad

Caroleeena and I were honored to join BURN in Greensboro for a Solstice celebration fire ritual. The Go Triad photographer Louis Bekoe took this one...
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Swirling Within the Sacred Fire

Fire Hooping at Transformus 06
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For Hire in the Southeast Region; Photos by Doug Sanford
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Permaculture Consulting and Classes

I love it...simple tools for creating sustainable human landscapes and systems. I've been studying, living, and practicing permaculture for more than ten years, and I am always inspired by the innovative, creative designs that we are capable of!
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Caroleeena and Ali Cat dancing to Donna the Buffalo at Shakori Hills
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Ali with Future Man, Joe Craven, etc...

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Earthoops at Shakori Hills in the rain..

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Mi vida

about me
Okay, so I listed what I love to do, but who am I? Well,
I'm a playful, sensitive, passionate, high-energy, honest (which sometimes gets misinterpreted as cold or harsh), semi-stubborn Capricorn with a Leo moon and a Sagitarius rising. In the Chinese zodiac, I'm a horse. I've got some polar opposite energies spiraling through my psyche, and that creates a very interesting, vibrant, strangely balanced cacophony that is me. I've been an intelligent freak most of my life, never really fitting into the dominant paradigm, although I sure did try for a few years of adolescence. I often alienated my peers by being myself...they thought I was trying to act too smart by questioning seemingly obvious aspects of our culture, so I often pretended I was dumber than I was just to fit in. Once I realized that was a complete disaster, I embraced my uniqueness and truly came to realize how much I enjoy being me. Now, I rarely compromise at being me.

As a child I used to imagine that these amazing underground parties/worlds existed, with really diverse, interesting people who expressed their passions and souls in a infinite number of wild and colorful ways...Luckily, I found that world, and now, I know I'm home. Wherever I am, I am home. Home stays in my heart, so I'm never homesick.

I love to touch the inner divine energy...that place where I feel totally whole, radiant, and alive. I strive to embody that wholeness in almost every breath(that'll probably take a few lifetimes to actually achieve). I am a channel for the divine energy, and I love to tap into that infinite source. It feeds me and can keep me up for days without drugs or alcohol.

I am often intense; I usually know what I want, and I go after it without hesitation (most of the time). I am open-mindedly stubborn...I have strong opinions, but I'm always open to having that opinion changed with good enough reasons to do so. I am usually eloquent and strong-willed. But I do have my insecure, shy moments, and I'm not afraid to cry. I love learning new things. I'm a quick learner, and that has a tendency to make me kind of lazy. I work on that...and I love to challenge myself.

I am often flamboyant, a little ostentatious, and a bit flirtatious. I am observant, analytical, passionate, dedicated, determined, ambitious, kind, emphathetic, impatient, I think too much, and I can end up being too stressed...I actively work on releasing that everyday.

I'm a good listener, and I don't hold much in. I almost always tell you what I'm thinking, out of respect for you and for clear communication. I strive to do that in a kind, tactful way...but miscommunications do happen, of course. I like to think I have a good sense of humor, but I often don't get sarcasm, and I truly dislike it when sarcasm is used as a passive-aggressive tactic for criticism and complaints. I appreciate clarity and radical honesty.

I love life, my family, my friends, and myself. I am very blessed!

But, enough already with the I, I,'s not all about me. It's way bigger than that!
We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our rent for payment on this earth is service. We have the ability to transform our passions into positive, transfomative change in our world. The goal: to live our passions and make sure those passions help make this world a more beautiful, loving, positive, artistic, peaceful place. We are the ones we've been waiting for! We must be the change we want to see in the world. Therefore, one last "I"-- I strive to set a positive example and live in a way that can enable at least 7 generations into our future to live healthy, happy lives on this planet. We are participants; not spectators in the world. We have a responsibility to live with integrity, honor, and compassion for all organisms, not just the humans.

Well, that's probably a little more than the tip of the ice berg of me, but it's a start, anyway...
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A Day In the Life of Ali Cat...

Greetings, friends.
ali cat and 4 other lovely ladies in the Kaivalya Hoop Dancers (Stephiniti, Breeze, Lady Hoop, and Shana) will be hoopin' it up in India for the next two weeks!
Samsung wants us to perform for their Mobile Asia Conference, but then, they are also sponsoring us to take hoops to kids in the local schools in Delhi! I'm so excited to get to spread hoops, health, and happiness to kids on the other side of the globe! Our contact in India says that this trip is only the fir... read more
Sun, February 24, 2008 - 3:21 PM permalink - 7 comments
Greetings, friends. Anyone in the Triangle Area shouldn't miss the Paperhand Puppet Intervention's radical puppet show!
Incredible live band, amazing puppets, inspiring images, captivating stories and poignant parables for our times.
Followed by A Full Circle Fire Performance on Aug 11, 18.
Pre-show at 6:20
Show at 7
Fire Show at dark!
See you there!
ali cat
Fri, August 10, 2007 - 8:13 AM permalink - 5 comments
Greetings, friends. An amazing event happens twice a year on some beautiful land in North west Georgia...The Rivercane Rendezvous, or the Primitive Skills Gathering. 300 people coming together to learn ancient techniques for thrival skills (not just survival). Amazing live music, storytelling, great food, bonfires, fire dancing, and so much more...
I've been going to this gathering for 7 years now, and I hardly ever miss one. Check out the website at
Rivercane R... read more
Tue, February 20, 2007 - 6:33 AM permalink - 1 comment
We got teased with a 1/2" of fleeting powder last week...
I must say, I miss snow in the wintertime.
It's finally cold, and I love it...I love the heat too, but there's something grounding about really experiencing each season.
It seems the piedmont of NC hasn't had a good snow in way too long..
This was shot in Boone, NC.
Mon, January 29, 2007 - 8:18 AM permalink - 3 comments
I loved the way the sunset reflected on the side of this building....
Sun, January 28, 2007 - 2:14 PM permalink - 4 comments
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