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Repost!!! please help Scout $5...REPOST!!!

   Fri, June 26, 2009 - 7:49 PM
Favor - please...$5 - that's all... or.... if you can't honestly give $5 or perhas don't want to, can you please REPOST this at least ?

Kern Co. Near Bakerfield is probably the WORST shelter on the West Coast. The dogs there are often very ill, diseases spread there, they get euthanized very's pretty awful. This person - "Tyler" has managed to save 46 dogs in the last month...This person has a full time job, 2 dogs of their own and dedicates their life to this... Can you please donate $5 or $10 to help save this little puppy. Tyler is literally tapped out of fundage and needs a little help - please, even if it's only $5, it does help.... This puppy needs more veterinary care and we can't afford it...Reaching out, please... This is not a scam and is legit (Jenn).

Tyler writes : I pulled/rescued SCOUT--an adorable little guy from death row out of Kern County Shelter/Bakersfield.

He was transported by Stephanie and Paula on Friday June 19th 2009. By 6 pm when I met Paula to pick him up he was extremely lethargic, a lot of nasal discharge, sneezing and difficulty breathing.

I immediately took him to my vet. A Parvo test was performed(negative), xrays & medications. He has been admitted to the hospital since Friday night.

Over the weekend I went to visit him and spend time with him a few times. Saturday he was worse then Friday. Sunday he was in isolation & oxygen and they started iv fluids on him.

Today--Monday June 22nd--Update is he is worse now but the vet is confident he will turn the corner--it's just getting him over the "hump"...They are starting him on a nebulization stimulation to try to break up the congestion. There is more discharge today then through the weekend. If by Tuesday evening he isnt any better then more xrays will be taken to see if pneumonia has settled in both lungs. He has URI, Kennel cough, pneumonia in one lung.

As of Today (Thursday) Scout is very sick. Will not eat and needs more care...they believe he will make it, but cannot be released yet...which of course, means more $$$.

The estimate for everything prior to todays update was $700.00. If he needs to stay in the hospital additional days, change medications & xrays it will jump up to $900.00 ++ for his care..

Any donations are appreciated for his care:

Animal Medical Center
600 Broadway
El Cajon, CA

Or The Kern Co Rescue Fund "CHIP IN":

Or PayPal:

Even if it is just $5, it DOES help.... $5 is a starbucks coffee, a pack of cigarettes, almost, etc... Please help......

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Fri, June 26, 2009 - 8:33 PM
Thanks Alv... Tyler has been going to see him everyday... He is doing better, but must stay another 3-5 days...Apparently, he'll wag his tail a little, walks a little then just lays down b/c he's tired from the pneumonia... He is gorgeous...I hope some people can help, even if it is just $ does help.