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I am currently starting a private rejuvenation retreat center on land outside Nevada City California with my beloved partner Orion and friends. You may see me at events facilitating as a Prayerformance Artist and Temple Dancer when i feel called. I also teach Ecstatic Bellydance and Tantra Yoga, Offer Playshops and Coaching on Relationships, Sexuality, and Health and facilitate as aTantric Birth Coach. Check out my new website for details. I am currently working on publishing my first book Persephone's Decent- A Modern Woman's Journey of Sexual Initiation and Coming of Age in America. I can also be seen in various Sacred Sexuality and Visionary Art Media including Femme A Femme Erotic Massage and Sacred Union Alchemy. My background is in Prayer-formance and Healing Arts and Women's Studies. I originally went to school for Modern Dance and have traveled the country as a professional dancer and gypsy. I love to travel and have also traveled to Bali, Thailand, Central and South America and love to spend time in Hawaii swimming with dolphins. I am a part time water nymph and love visiting all the best hot springs and eco spas on the planet. I have also studied many Healing Arts including Massage, Energy work, Midwifery, Shamanism, Tantra, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Yoga, Living Foods, esoteric arts and Internal Alchemies, among other things. After moving to the west coast from Asheville, NC i ran a healing arts center for a few years. I recently graduated from CIIS where i studied Psychology and Art Therapy. Thank you for taking the time to read this and let me know if i can be an ally to you in our collective journey to wholeness and divinity. Namaste.
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March 5, 2007
Amber is an incredible goddess that I have known for a long time. We've seen each other go through so many changes, it's sometimes hard to believe. She is a true healer, and has an amazing gift of opening up people around her. Her patience is deep, and her love is strong. She is a pixie, a teacher, a goddess, a priestess. She shares of her gifts with her community as she continues to grow. I hope that those in her life reckonize tha truthfulness of this woman's heart. I have seen her heal herself, as well as create tha plateform for others to be opened up, and healed. She is devoted to her arts, and deticated to her passions. She is a being I hold in very high regard. I have been truely blessed to have her in my life as long as I have. She is one of my favorite people, and we have gifted each other with deep healing and bliss. I pray that those she touches in her life realize her for who she is, and love her for it. I respect her very much for her detication to helping others heal themselves. And learn to recieve love in their lives. Amber will always be a soul akin to mine, as we continue to heal an grow stronger each day. So let this goddess be blessed an let her be loved, for she offers that to those in her world. With deep bows of love and respect.
March 5, 2007
I believe I know this goddess, an am known by this pixie better then I know almost anyone. I have a huge level of respect, an love for her. We've seen each other go through so many changes that it's hard to believe each other sometime. She is a true healer, With deep love, for herself, and those around her. I hope that those in her life take notice of the heart of this woman. She is truely a pillar, who has touched my heart in wayz I never knew possible. Amber is a good example of a goddess in true form, creating not only her own healing, but supplying a plateform to assist others in theirs. I will alwayz love her deeply, and we will alwayz share a bond that nothing will ever equal. Blessings and praises be to the amazing creature tha is she. With deep bows, and true love.
December 16, 2006
Amber is a beautiful being of light. Looking into her eyes is like looking into the goddess herself. I have witnessed many transformations of this woman, and look forward to seeing even more.
August 3, 2006
A powerful human, a wise Goddess and a skill mover of Shakti. She has pure light that comes from her. Is a kind and warm. Her heart is so open. A simply wonderful Tantrica and a divine woman.
January 15, 2006
Amber opened me up to her healing hands
through a guided session in learning about
the inner nature of the tantric way of being.
She facilitated a balancing of my chakras
that opened up areas in my body that
were previously blocked from free
expression. In addition, she passed
along some teachings about these
energy centers so that I would have
more awareness. She also lifted
my spirits to know that there are
still women on this planet who
want love and to be loved.
Se awakened within me the
parts in need of spiritual nourishmnent.
Just writing about this evokes and
awakens these parts.
I wish Amber were
in closer proximity. I would
highly recommend her in
a private or group setting and
all the better if you can pay her
extra to have her travel to your home.

Thank you for sharing your art with me
Amber. You have opened me to a
part of myself that was previously
closed off from source; the healing
energy of Tara flowing from healer
to Divine mother and back. We are
all emanations of Her love. She is
in each one of us and as Sisters on
this path, we benefit so much by
opening one another to Her light.

Namasthe, Shakti
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