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April 16, 2007
September 5, 2005
Angel is full of light! Beautiful Sister Mama Dancer
It is always a joy to see your shining eyes and smile.
May 4, 2005
What an angel Bee is! She is the Alpha & the Omega. She is as cool & sweet as a spring breeze & hotter than the Georgia sun in august! Ow-ow!! Knowing her is like having a vibrant light beam of energy, joy, & love shine upon your heart. This effervescent presence melts any frozen spirit & opens people to let them be themselves. Her smile heals, voice melodic, & her laughter is intoxicating. She is a hypnotic dancer & public speaker. Most importantly she is an awesome mommy! Angel Bee is pure celestial magic sent from heaven.

Love:) Love:) Love:) -Davey G
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I am a lifelong student and seeker of the truth that lies within all things, the paradox, so to speak. My current passions are belly dancing, costuming, strength training, nursing school, and my daughter. I admire all artists who let their creativity exist without fear. I believe we are all here to do unique and exquisite things, so I also admire anyone committed to their personal journey. Dancing has given my body an extrasensorial voice that I use to perpetuate beauty, empowerment, grace, collaboration, hope, empathy, respect, and excitement. I am interested in helping spark or kindle the heart path of anyone interested in Middle Eastern dance and healing.
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