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Rumor has it...

June 12, 2007
I wish that there was a magical dictionary that you could shake and all the necessary words fall out for you to arrange to best summarize a topic. Unfortunately, sometimes one finds that the language they are most familiar with becomes useless when attempting to describe something, or in this case someone of such magnificence. Of course, if there were a magical dictionary, and one were to shake it with the sole purpose of gathering the appropriate words to articulate all that this wonderful woman is, one would find themselves buried up to the neck (but most likely higher) in words like:
astonishing, amazing, surprising, astounding, extraordinary, smartie-pants, awe-inspiring, sensational, breathtaking, mind-blowing, incredible, unbelievable, jaw-dropping, wondrous, engaging, bewitching, artistic, exquisite, delightful, beautiful, alluring, intelligent, winsome, spectacular... etc. etc. etc.

but words like these (while very appropriate) all fail to accurately and appropriately describe the Gestalt that is Anji. So, I've decided to do my best to summarize in the most succinct yet descriptive fashion that I know how:
Anji is: FUN, FUN, FUN, with too much clicking....heh

Meet her, and you will be dumbstruck. I promise.

May 11, 2007
I like Anji. She makes me giggle. It's fun to pinch her on the bootay, and run screaming SHENANIGANS!! Truly one of the sweetest and kindest souls you'll ever be blessed to know.

Love ya babe :)
May 31, 2006
Anji makes a mean hot cocoa....but yeah it was so yummy. :~)
Love you girl!!
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about me
Playful, optimistic, open-minded, determined, mischief maker, witty (so I'm told), passionate, problem solver, nature lover, inquisitive, list maker, cat person, observant, participator, independent, fiery Leo close to the Virgo cusp, diy-er, dancer, INFJ according to Myers-Briggs.

Please don't consider me for an add if you're just looking to have more girls on your friends list. If you can't say hey and at least suggest why you think we should befriend one another I will decline. Please and thank you!
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