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May 5, 2007
hi how are you takecare pls bye !! :) kiss
September 5, 2005
The most amazing woman that I've ever met, and able to tame tigers with a single glance.
July 9, 2005
See all previous testimonials as to why I'm marrying her. Love you baby.
January 8, 2005
Araya can put anyone at ease, with her beautiful smile and soft voice. Conversations with Araya stay interesting because she always has something to say that is directly relevent. I look forward to hearing from her often!
November 29, 2004
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Me and Hernfa
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Chang Chang Chang I
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about me
I'm Thai who live in Bangkok (the capital of Thailand) and never been in the US before. I joined by the invitation of Matt. Even, I don't know much about the lifes in SF but I'm so glad to join this. 'Coz I can learn the way of life of the people there by reading all the listings that were posed on my webpage. I'm a news translator. My work have to translate the international news that come from CNN, Reuters and AP into Thai then broadcast on the news program of Thai Television Ch.7 So, that's why I have to be updated by the world situation almost everyday. But the most wanted of my point in this feild, I really want to be the international news analyst.
Beside, the translation job. I'm a French tutor to Thai high school students. Helping them to gain more and high score in French university entrance examinantion. But the most important thing for being French Tutor is I don't want to forget this beautiful language that I've learnt for 9 years. (French is so rarely used here in Thailand)
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The Long Staying In Thailand
( local favorites » other ) "Long living ???" I just think that if you want to live for a long time like that, renting the apartment is the cheapest way. There're several apartments here in Bangkok and in Chiang Mai. But don't expect much about Thai apartment coz u will have only one room, o... read more
recommendation posted on Thu, September 29, 2005 - 7:44 PM
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