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   Thu, July 6, 2006 - 6:47 AM
I sang tenor at the Russian church, but I am not Russian.

Some people have Ph. D.s in education. I have an Ed. D. in philosophy.

I think I still have autographs of the original Captain Video -- and Immanuel Velikovsky.

My musical instruments were piano-accordion and French horn, trumpet for maybe a year, alto horn in the football season.

My father's family claimed descent from Charlemagne; he never knew it; my mother was an Irish citizen - she didn't know it either.

I taught successfully at the roughest school in New York, IS 390 in Crown Heights opposite the Albany Projects, but got bumped by a teacher with the right license.

Though born in Philadelphia, I am fourth generation New Jersey on my father's side, third generation on my mother's, educated in Indiana, and an Uper West Sider from graduate school.

Thanks, Neph! Now who of you gets tagged?


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