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Yesterday we travelled through the veins of the goddess in the
cenotes of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The ancient Mayans threw their dead into the cenotes.
They believed we came from the waters and must return
to the waters. The cenotes for them were the underworld,
the elysian gardens.

It really felt like a place close to spirit when Fenton and
I arrived at the cenotes. The atmosphere was so still.
Like the stillness of death or deep meditation. It had a similar
presence to a c... read more
Wed, December 20, 2006 - 7:02 AM permalink - 0 comments
Kundalini Yoga with Siri Mukh Kaur (aka Naomi Gibb)

I am once again conducting Kundalini yoga classes at the Blue Lotus Centre.

Come to experience this ancient, sacred science and revitalize your
immune, nervous, and glandular systems while increasing your
energy, health and well being.

Each Kundalini yoga session will focus on breath techniques, asanas
(postures), increasing flexibility, and stress relief through deep relaxation
and meditation. You will learn to focus your mind... read more
Tue, March 7, 2006 - 5:51 PM permalink - 0 comments
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My Testimonials

December 15, 2007
Naomi is a light being whom eases rigid moments with playful grace and gentleness. Her expression weaves amongst the winds, stretching out to the distant whilst still connected to the source.

A reflection of the goddess amongst us.

( Ssshh! It's a secret! )
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