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Each person I am linked to here I have a genuine connection to, deep thanks to all of my beautiful new and old friends and those that are happy new acquaintances in my life to share with me. Namaste - B/6
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the intensity of looking at what is
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(Blatantly copied and pasted from someone else's post and somehow I doubt they will mind. It's important! Read this. Do something.)

HR 875 Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

Big Ag corporations like Monsanto, Cargill,, ADM, Sodexo and Tyson are pushing HR 875 to create the food police, criminalizing organic farming and the backyard gardener, in violation of the 10th amendment of the USA.

1. Five Minute activism
2. Notes on HR 875
3. Link to HR 875 - the actual te... read more
Thu, March 26, 2009 - 2:03 PM permalink - 1 comment
Ram Tzu knows this…

You are caught
In a web of beliefs.
You spin them from
Your own abdomen.
They are made from
The substance of your self.

You believe in
Your own power.

You consider yourself
The Source.
Even though
When under duress
You pay lip service
To an all powerful God.

You believe in
The supremacy of technique.

You are convinced that if
You can but manage…

Your mind
Your money
Your time
Your breath
Your energy
Your body
Your faith
Your relationsh... read more
Thu, March 26, 2009 - 1:59 PM permalink - 2 comments
Ram Tzu will be misunderstood
On many levels...

You clever ones
Will grasp his meaning immediately.

You fools
Will think it all bullshit.

You scholars
Will draw parallels.

You clerics
Will reframe it to fit your dogma.

You pious ones
Will be shocked.

You sinners
Will be too busy to care.

A very few of you
Won't give it a moments thought.

But all of you
Are secretly delighted
That someone is paying you
Even the slightest attention.

- Ram Tzu
Thu, March 26, 2009 - 1:41 PM permalink - 1 comment
And how do I convey their meaning to my new love? (It's great that I still think of him as new.) My soulmate? How do I convey how my past affects me as it rises up and slaps memories into my face? Some are gentle slaps...hey...over here...remember me? Others are BLARING SNARLS OVERWHELMING me and leaving me gasping for breath. And yet they are all waves and waves move past you pretty quickly. The trick to standing in waves is to remain on your feet so the undertoe does not get you and ... read more
Mon, March 16, 2009 - 11:32 PM permalink - 2 comments
As the card says it matters not.....

"The figure in this card has taken on the shape of an arrow, moving with the single-pointed focus of one who knows precisely where he is going. He is moving so fast that he has become almost pure energy. But his intensity should not be mistaken for the manic energy that makes people drive their cars at top speed to get from point A to point B. That kind of intensity belongs to the horizontal world of space and time. The intensity represented by the Kn... read more
Fri, February 13, 2009 - 5:04 PM permalink - 2 comments
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February 25, 2009
passionate seeker
playful intellectual
realistic boundary-setter
lover of truth
powerful lexicon
enigmatic goddess
love of my life
January 12, 2008
6 Friend ROKKZ!!!
December 22, 2005

I know I don't know Becky that well - in fact, I've only just met her recently, but I must say that she is one of the brightest lights I've met in Seattle. Indeed, way more than meets the eye - a deep light, I think you - Becky - are a very special creature, and I hope hope hope to know you more, given how little time we've shared together. But I see beautiful kindness and sincerity, clarity and wisdom. You are definitely a gem in Seattle.
November 15, 2004
Where to start with Beckie? I'd best not tell my Beckie stories for fear that she would tell her Allen Stories. She's got a lot. If I were to wish for anything, to wish to be more like Beckie would be a good one. But I dare not wish for such a thing, because those Leprechauns are notoriously tricky, and would find a way to turn that against me. I don't see how, and I wouldn't want to learn that lesson. Beckie is among an elite cadre of souls who know me inside and out, and who remain my friend in spite of all that. Beckie is a healing presence and one of my very best friends. It's not everybody whom I call one of "The Boys."
August 13, 2004
You are a goddess! What I love about this lady is that she is so on top of things and makes everyone feel special and a believer that anything is possible. She is always good to have on your team and get things done efficiently.
Rock on Lady i love you!
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