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Dining AT WolfHaven
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The winter had been long, dark and cold so when Horus started breathing his warm breath into our world, heralding The Spring I took with my lover to my wilderness realm known as WolfHaven. We walked deep into the forest through snow that was still a foot deep in many places, however... The pine trees acted as solar heat collectors and if one was patient and area of exposed moss could be found where the trees radiant heat had melted the snow away. I stood and watched as she gazed into my eye... read more
Mon, August 31, 2015 - 10:23 PM permalink - 2 comments

It had been a long winter and the snow had melted away in the forest, save isolated pockets like creek beds where the sun could not reach. As I made my first expedition of the year into WolfHaven I noted many flood pools in the muskeg which like every year I walked around in order to avoid getting a booter. Unlike last year when I got to the lake there was no ice left on the water so navigation would be less problematic than last year. I decided to take LG ( Little Guy ) my Belgian Shepherd... read more
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I always come back to The Eagles cuz their art reflects life... Like ripples in the pond of our existence. -Wolfy
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It was in the Fall of 1995 that I was living in a community called Lac La Ronge in the province of one hundred thousand lakes called Saskatchewan in the heart of Canada. It is situated in an ocean of trees and lakes called the boreal forest and it is virgin wilderness from here to the Arctic Tundra and the great polar ocean beyond. That year the provincial government had given the go head for a mining giant to open a road in Lac La Ronge Provincial Park to a gold deposit in order to develop i... read more
Mon, April 13, 2015 - 11:06 PM permalink - 5 comments
Recently I have been doing a lot of online research into a phenomena that has only been recognized in recent years. Every year in America nearly one million people go missing. Most are found and explained away by runaway women and children escaping abuse , husbands abandoning their families, suicide, homicide, etc. but a small number of these cases defy belief for the circumstances of their disppearance. These are cases of young children, old people, mentally challenged, genius level, people ... read more
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Howl At The Moon

about me
Forgive me if I go a little Carl Sagan here but as Simon from American Idol likes to answer his critics "It's who I am!". We live in truly amazing times. Our science based technologies have advanced our understanding of our world more in the last few years than the 50,000 years preceding it that paleolithic man first stepped into the light. When the Hubble Telescope was fitted with reading glasses and turned on it was eventually pointed at one of the most bleakest areas of the sky .......... the astronomers could only stare in awe ! Layer upon layer of spiral galaxies fading into eternity ! To view the picture is something of a spiritual event. God is in the details! Our western based culture views science and metaphysics as two separate worlds but the reality is they overlap, they are interwoven. To deny metaphysics is to deny part of nature. It is in this subtle, sublime overlapping region that you will find me..... it is here that I reside!
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May 21, 2012
Manifest All!

Such an awesome character!

I'm so glad to have a friend like him: smart, witty, just brilliant!
November 8, 2010
Perry the wanderer is my Soul mate, whether i am lil winky dinkie or OL' WINLE MC WANKWONK.

together we share the path, paying attention to Signs and Singing along the way. Soon Spirit will Succumb to the Sacred Symphony of our Senses. tis then we will learn to Sway, playing as kquings with wings, winding like Serpents up life's tree, crowning as Seeds in the wind.

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