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WolfHaven ( Spirit Of The Woodland Dead )

   Thu, April 18, 2013 - 9:16 PM
I had a dream last year that I never posted in dream tribe because I wanted to spend a while dwelling on what happened in it. I was living in a community on the shores of a large lake going about my business living and working and there was no issues or drama that I had to contend with.............then one day with out warning I seemed to fall backwards through some sort of portal, I felt myself being drawn through it, into another world. I started exploring this new world and trying to look for clues or signs that would show me how to get back to the world I knew but there were none, just dark forms and vaguely familiar shadows.......... ghosts of a world that was gone. I realized that the world I knew and the world I was in overlapped but I would never find the old one again. We were not separated physically by distance but by a paradigm shift........... a state of mind and I would never see it again.
I posted a few years ago about a troubling incident that happened out in the forests of WolfHaven while I was hauling a cupboard out there strapped on a two wheeled dolly cart. I left it briefly to retrieve a water bottle I dropped on the trail and when I returned the dolly and cupboard were gone. I found the dolly twenty five feet off the trail in dense bush where there was no where to walk suggesting it was placed there to hide it from me.......... but I was in the middle of no where and was only gone about a minute.
Spring is finally well under way here and soon I will make my first trip into WolfHaven and have decided to post a troubling incident that happened two years ago in early summer out there. There were no dark feelings hanging over me leading up to my planned trip that weekend so it was full speed ahead and I enjoyed myself to the fullest as I always do, building, BBQ's, canoeing, sunbathing, reading etc. The weekend came to an end and it was time to pack up and meet Mrs Wolfy at the highway at a designated time. Everything went according to plan and I canoed across the lake form the cabin to the small bay where the beaver dam was and I docked the canoe. Nothing unusual in my approach but as I came to end of the bay I realized quickly that something was wrong. The grass was taller then it should have been and there were no small inlets leading through the grass to a smaller bay where the beaver dam was. There was no sign of the other canoe which should have been i plain sight up on the banks from where I was........... I had done this routine countless times before and nothing made sense, it was like I was in the same lake but maybe one hundred years removed ! After a minute of confusion I decided to paddle out of the bay and repeat the routine, to see if my mind was playing some kind of trick on me. When I paddled out of the bay I veered sharply and threw myself off balance and swamped the canoe. The wind was blowing away from the bay across the lake so I had no choice but to hang on to the canoe and drift until I reached the far shore. When I felt lake bottom under my feet I hauled the craft over my head to drain the water, threw my soaked gear into it and paddled back across to the bay. When I got to the end of the bay everything looked as it should be..........inlets to the beaver dam, second canoe up on the shore. Mrs Wolfy was very upset when she finally saw me emerge from the forest soaked from head to toe. Until now I have only confided in a few people about what really happened out there but I feel very sure that any one who spends considerable time in the bush will have these kinds of experiences to relate. " Woodland Dead " , " Spirits " ........... who or whatever they are, seem to like to play games. I do not believe their intent is malevolent but if you are careless, they may very well take you. If they come for me some day, I am not afraid, I just want to tell others what I have seen. - Mikademus

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Thu, April 18, 2013 - 11:59 PM
That's very mysterious. If I read it right the first part was the dream. It seems to correlate closely to your experience in the woods and on the lake. Just reading it gives me the sense of having the rug of reality pulled out from underneath me. Whether it was a person who took the cabinet or a trickster spirit playing games, it seems you were not alone in the woods or on the lake.