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The New Whipping Wand - get your minds back up here!

We took a trip to IKEA last Friday evening and while searching for two more dvd shelves - yes, we own a lot of dvds - we came across the hand held, battery operated frothers/whipping wand thingy. So we bought one.

Well, we shoulda bought two! We have friends who already have them, and we laughed when they would bring them out to show us, not so much in our usual mocking way, but with a fun thought of "How cute", honest!

Put the milk in the cup and srpinkle some sugar onto it - and whip away, when you pour your coffee or tea into the cup, the frothy loveliness floats up to the top, so that with every sip, you get a mix of creamy goodness! With 1% milk it is great and it even works with reconstituted skim milk powder - frothy as can be!
Am looking forward to trying it with hot chocolate too!

And Tom has discovered he can use it to remove the carbonation from his soft drinks before he drinks them - I dunno, he likes less bubbles!
Tres cool and since we use rechargable batteries we don't even feel like it is a really wasteful toy!
Sorry no pics of frothy milk yet - I'll post one when I get to it - but I am sure you can imagine it :-)

Cannot wait to use it for camping too -mmmm - whipped creammy hot drinks in the mornings watching the sun come up and hearing the loons! Aaahh.
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Post bazaar day off - sort of.

What a day yesterday was - many thanks to all my buds who were there to help out - mucho appreciated and it could not happen without ya'll. I have a big thanks to write to send out to the community, but I am still in recovery mode - kinda treating today like a Saturday.
Did laundry, did banking [Yay] , and had a meeting with a potential client. And now I surf until Tom is finished video gaming - he's taking it kinda easy today, too. Then onto some couch time before heading off to teach class tongiht and flog some of the unsold goodies still hanging about in my space!

Looking foward to tomorrow - lunch out to celebrate 8 years of "so far, so good" married life - never want to take anything for granted, but am very happy and very lucky to have my wonderful husband in my life - anyone who sees how much time he puts into helping me out with these crazy events knows that he's a pretty great guy for me to have around!

Did I mention we have been rewatching Firefly lately :-) - thanks to Ray for the loan of Serenity - we want more.....
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Promo work done for another day

Had a fun interview on the local television station - Rogers Daytime - this morning. The hosts are now familiar with the Dancers Bazaar so that makes it easier, and I met some interesting other guests in the "green room".
Now I have a pile of stuff looking at me while i ignore it. Things to put away, things to print, things to sew, things, things, things....
Okay, so I am going to join my hubby for a Firefly break. Will feel better after that I am sure!
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Club Dancin'....

So, after a fun dinner and racaus laughter at Absolute Comedy last night to celebrate Gailene's birthday - which is today for those wishing to send her greetings - three of us went to Suite 34 on Clarence in the Market. There was an auction going on the raise money for something - sorry didn't grab the flyer. So, young boys were being sold off to charity - well 20 somethings, which as I have just turned 37 this year, I realized doing the math, that any one of these young specimens could have been produced by me - at an early age, but biologically true!

Not having kids is not an issue. I am very grateful for my mulitple neices and nephews out there that I get to visit with on occasion/ have visit us on occasion, and appreciate them as well as the delight of the departure and return to our quiet existence. And getting older is starting to be less of an issue :-) Had a bit of a moment in late December - " 37! , "late thirties?", Arg!

Up until a couple of years ago, I was always the "youngest" - in my family, in my peer groups, everywhere. And I always looked older - thus is was easy to start clubbing at 15 over on the PQ side! So, I can only surmise that this is my journey of the moment, to come to grips with no longer being the young one[ ie maiden], and without having filled the societal job of mother, I have to remember that I am a Mother in so many other ways - just ask my friends :-)

I am at least 15 years, I hope, from approaching Cronehood, so I guess I should take advantage of this time to really appreciate the "children" I have created - two businesses, Sewing and Dance; and the events I co-ordinate and co-co-ordinate; a relatively healthy home for myself, my hubby and Boing - again-co-creation of that with Tom.

Okay, just about over myself! But the kids at the club were so cute - they are all so bubbly and a bit on the thin side for a few of them, but that goes with our society too.
Okay, off to the morning preparations for another day!
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back from another class...

I have been enjoying my classes lately in that I have been doing my best to work my students, and therefore myself, harder at all of the little nitty gritty things - isolations, muscle control etc. And it would appear to be working! They are improving, and I think some even practice outside of class - which is a great thing if you can do it, but....

So, I am now sore when I get home after class and get a lovely attempt at a massage from my wonderful husband - but gratefully have the real thing set up for Thursday as well - no offense to Tom at all, but Michelle H knows her stuff!

Well, I was gonna stay up and try to sort through some more paperwork, but I think i'll head off and look at starting early tomorrow! maybe I'll set up the coffee machine now...
'Night all!
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Waiting for soup to cool off

15 minutes before I leave for class and I am still waiting for my soup to cool off enough to eat. My wonderful husband made me soup, but it boiled so there it sits, looking at me, laughing - knowing I cannot eat it until it is a palatable temperature!

Another weekend full of commitments and goings on looms. I think I will take tomorrow off from work. Always good to have a relaxing Friday when you have to work all day Saturday. Hopefully the weather won't make the Stew Cookoff for Winterlude's opening day too much of a slosh about, but we'll see tomorrow.

We get to pick on Peter[ the nephew] this weekend as he is visiting and doing some postering for me for the Bazaar.
And my soup is edible now - so - see ya!

Hope no one expected to read terribly exciting blog entries - :-)
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The cliche - "and so it begins...."

So, I don't blog - or at least have not until now. And thus this will be my first entry ever. Do you feel priviledged yet?
Life is good, I am just going through my morning machinations - email, coffee, avoid sewing for a little while as I have a breathing space. CLients are only booked for 6:30 onwards this evening, so I have a few hours to get myself ready for them, and hopefully get ahead for the next few days. That's the cycle of the self employed.

As I type I realize how dangerous this can acually be - this blogging thing. It is sort of a glimmer of catharisis, and an awakening of the writer who has been sleeping for a few years. I love to write, always have, words have such power. But the potential for pretentious behavior! Oh well, if anyone actually does read this, they'll probably understand as they likely blog too. And will forgive the moments when my insane magician of words comes out to play!
Will go to work now! Before I get sucked into writing all morning!
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