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leaders must become designers

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October 27, 2006
What does it look like when we actually forget how to hate each other? What does it look like when the intellect is liberated from power, and used only to create magic, mystery and hope?

Well I'm not sure, and Alpha is a good start. I never know where he is, and he is one of the first people I've met with whom that really doesn't matter. His intentions are pure. His explorations are magical. His visions are real.

So dive into a new way to think and be. Toss around new ideas like popcorn, and head for the trees. Way up in the trees, where you'll find Alpha flying. He may or may not come down, depending only on his muse.
October 1, 2005
I love it when Alpha laughs. Lucky for me it's often! Mystic brother aligning the sciences to re-birth this dream reality...
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my peer to peer spirituality video

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my sciencespirit video

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participative management

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goddess alchemy project

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touch drawing

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systems thinking and sustainability

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scott huckabay

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visionary art - james post

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andrew harvey : sacred activism

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waste = food

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fragments of a dance form by alpha

have you ever heard the call of dance, found your body moving on its own accord, your mind disappearing to let you enter into another world.
i feel the space of dance breathing to me, come , come let go into me, and i feel there are infinite treasures out there

there is a place, where ones soul and body and muscle dives into a space where movement and emotion and ecstacy live together

there is an infinity of portals into this world of movement, i offer here fragments of a dance form, fragments of some portals to dive into the waterfall of the world of dance,fragments of different portals to drift into the paroplysymic pleasures and wild creative serendipities of spirit, to find oneself full of wonder at the extraordinary music of the body as it expresses its joy in the miracle of the universe

let your weight fall into a part of your body
let yourself begin to feel yearning in your spirit for something
let yourself feel what is hidden inside parts of your muscles that are tight, and then begin to stretch that part of the body to let it out. in those muscles is a part of your soul that wants to express. let undulations and circling and rhythmic movement begin to emanate from around the stretched area.
breath can let out sighs , or sounds of yearning stored deep inside
let your weight take you into different spaces of your body, stretching and here, and relaxing over there
letting the yin and the yang both be present at the same time
sometimes holding in a stretched part for awhile can cause energy that has been blocked to explode out, and then let this energy rush out into coiling and swirling and twisting and gyrating of your limbs and torso
let your consciousness melting into the vastness of outer space, let this vastness enter your body, a freedom which swishes inside, and from there the perfume of peace pours through your arteries and moves your body in breaths of love
theres a mystical place, where form and nothingness intersecet

music, vibrations across the ether of space
let it begin to seep into your body
and vibrate the cells
and the beat, the rhythm of the universe
tap and rap within your bones
the seat from which
the nectar of melody can flow into your muscles and blood
the melody leading your arms and legs and torso into the freedom of space

let go into the pleasure that flows thru your bod,
no resistance to the cascades of endomorphins
letting the river of warm ooze carve out temportary sculptures in the landscape of your flesh form
holy water coursing through your torso and
into your limbs

the soft breath inhaling sweetness
the living air pulsing outside and inside the body
in an intimate tango with the air

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My Blog

here is Sharif Abdullah (of ) writing about the different types of markets and how it relates to the financial meltdown..

I identified FIVE different markets, all tangled together in a global financial stew:

THE BLACK MARKET (The Rats): Illegal, immoral and destructive. Drug sales; armed robbery; trading in stolen goods; cops taking kickbacks; counterfeiters; illegal weapons sales; dumping toxic chemicals for profit. The Black Market is completely intertwined in ... read more
Mon, October 20, 2008 - 9:23 AM permalink - 1 comment
One computer unlinked from other computers is radically different than many computers linked up. When they link up you have the internet.

So it is we can become very powerful when we link all our coops, communities, yoga centers, spiritual centers, healing centers, new visionary think tanks, festivals, art groups up into a network
Wed, March 15, 2006 - 4:27 PM permalink - 0 comments
heres something me and my friend matthew came up with about how to manifest group visions. Email me if you have other tenets to add to the list


1. Each persons role is their true nature

2. Everything that happens contributes

3. The void is the source of all

4. Create a space where the softest voice can be heard

5. Deep listening integrates and organizes

6. Resonance is the source of energy

7. Moving from either/or to both

8.... read more
Tue, November 15, 2005 - 12:45 PM permalink - 0 comments
I have been an intellectual and philosopher geek for a a lot of my life. What i am interested in is moving that knowledge to the body, to the heart, to the experiential.
Fri, October 14, 2005 - 10:04 AM permalink - 2 comments
My friends have all been talking about the word yummy lately. :)

So I am getting together next week a hopefully yummilicious workshop where we use physics to get deep into the body.
Mon, October 10, 2005 - 6:04 PM permalink - 0 comments
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