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May 14, 2005
I like Jen! She really knows how to get down!
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THERE WILL BE PEEPS! BarFly’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt + Peeps Eating Contest Saturday - win $100! ( events » nightlife ) How many Peeps can you pack in your pie-hole? Not only can you win $50 in BarFly’s Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, but if you win the Peeps eating contest, you’ll get another $50! How to be in it to win it? Jump on the BarFly Bus on Saturday night!
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America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses
( services » doctors / dentists ) "It's cheap!" If you wear contacts, it's an especially good deal - something like $99 for three years of unlimited visits/prescriptions, and 10% off contacts. Their contact prices are super competitive, anyway, plus their in house brand is extra cheap and real... read more
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