Shadow Dance

   Fri, June 6, 2008 - 9:50 AM
Sun rise.
My shadows running thin the other way.
Sun dies.
My shadows becoming dim.
Another day. Another night.
Another play. Another fight.
I'm feeling tired.
Searching for that wispy ghost among the grass.
Until the light bleaches my bones. Cracked lips kiss an empty flask.
I'm feeling fire.
In the pit of an empty cave.
Just enough light and dark
For my shadow to be saved.
I'm feeling dryer.
Than I've ever felt before.
Dancing with my shadow in a cave.
On the floor. On the walls.
In a war. In a pause.
I watch the last glowing embers fade.
And embrace my shadow that I made.
Alone I grow. My shadow shrinks.
"Home sweet home", my shadow thinks.


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