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Random thoughts about heroin and Seattle....

   Wed, March 8, 2006 - 12:37 PM
I live in Seattle and if you've ever been here and know anything about drug culture you'll see so much drug dealing going on around you that it's impossible not to notice. The biggest drug here in Seattle is arguabley Heroin. I've been kicking dope since 1997 when I first started smoking it. Most of my friends still do Oxy's and Percocets thinking "it's not the same" but it is. I just got off of Methadone and after two weeks I feel like absolute shit! Methadone is 100 X's more addictive than heroin and it takes 4 X's as long to kick so my advice to any other junky or wanna be junky is to NEVER go on methadone, no matter what. You will pay for it later. There's a local doctor in Seattle. ONE local doctor that helps junkies kick with "kick-kits" but if you fuck him over, he won't keep seeing you. You gotta stick with the plan and if you don't know his name, then you probably don't really have a heroin problem, or just ask around.

What I'm getting at here is the acceptance that Seattle is the Heroin capital of the fucking universe. When I was part of the walking dead, skin all grey with swollen hands and abcesses all over my fucking legs and hands I didn't bother trying to hide it cause there's simply SO MANY PEOPLE HERE that are on dope. Some are functioning heroin addicts like I used to be, and some hustle all day for a couple papers a day just to stay well. Most of the homeless you see, ESPECIALLY the vets in wheelchairs sparing change....Heroin addicts. I know this cause they all score from the same fucking people I scored from. I've been off Methadone for exactly two weeks and it STILL SUCKS. My friend has been off for three months and he is still having withdrawals, but its not so much the getting on or in a program that's hard, its getting out of that program. THS is a great facility but how do they make money? Methadone costs about $1 per 20mg dose and these clinics charge a mininimum of 300 t0 400 dollars a month, whether it's self pay, or the state pays for it. Mainly the state pays for it cause they want you to stop committing crimes in order to get your heroin, etc, etc. It's all bullshit.

If you go to MCDonalds on Madison you can buy an assortment of benzo's like Klonopin, Xanax, Valium, whatever it is that you want. Even a dose of methadone which usually sells for 50cents a mg. Word to the wise. Most of the time the user holds it in their mouth and SPITS IT BACK INTO A PLASTIC CARRY BOTTLE so you're drinking his/her Hep C or whatever else they got going on... I wish I would have NEVER tried methadone and just bucked up and kicked dope cause I'd be a lot better off by now and not having to basically start from scratch after getting my life back. I now have taken two weeks, blown everything and everyone off for the sake of kicking methadone. If I woulda just kicked dope it woulda been 4 days, but who knows, maybe i would still be using, or dead, which seems like a better option right about now.

Seattle isn't quite big enough to be a San Francisco so there's only a couple known places to buy off the street that are WAY TOO HOT at the moment. The blade which is right up from the prestigeious Pike Place Market. What a fucking Joke! And the other is Broadway on Capitol hill. Best place to go is Dicks. IT used to be the Post Office but the cops caught on. It's moving off Broadway now down to summit mainly, but if you're a junky you can spot a junky a mile away. It's like the movie where the kid says "I see dead people everywhere". Well, I see junkies everywhere and if Seattle is going to deal with the problem they better get fucking realistic about it and start doing what Vancouver BC did and put in safe shooting galleries and shit cause everyone I know except myself, my girlfriend, and about two other fuckin people have HEP C, which will eventually kill your ass, period. FOrget ever drinking again. Forget ever using your liver for anything again for that matter. I'm lucky, although I never shared needles with anyone but my girlfriend and if she shared she wouldn't be alive right now cause I woulda killed her with my own two hands. Since she never lifted a finger to cop our dope, just like every other bitch junky on the face of the earth, I would have known. It's amazing how "informant" like junkies become just so you'll get them well if they really need ya in a pinch. Remember, a coke head will steal and rob you and take off, but a junky will help you look for the money they stole.


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Wed, October 26, 2011 - 10:54 PM
There's a few other spots where you can get some pure shit...
Try the U-District, or go up to fucking Snohomish County, there's a shitload of dope there, and it's not fucking tar, it's this lovely gunpowder shit with a gorgeous rush. I actually OD'ed on a FUCKING COTTON SHOT, and I have a medium-high tolerance (or so I thought).
Tue, December 13, 2011 - 7:56 PM
Snohomish really?
I'm pretty new to the area and have been dying to finally find something besides the bth goop you get gotta help me!!! I would reward you well my friend! ;) plz...