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Summer Heatwave

I love watching college football on Saturdays. Hot sport, great spirit, lots of turnarounds.
In honor of college athletics, homo-eroticism of athletic youth, and some of the perverted and twisted people around the sport from Alumns to coaches to team and equipment managers.... I have found myself thinking of Lou Reed's song due to yet another scandal from the locker rooms. This is the real life in the USA, mom, apple pie, and football, and queer athletics. It should not involve sex between coaches and minors, but it not at all uncommon.
Lou Reed talks about it in a song that is 35 years old.

You know, man, when I was a young man in high school
you believe in or not I wanted to play football for the coach
And all those older guys
they said he was mean and cruel, but you know
wanted to play football for the coach
They said I was to little too light weight to play line-backer
so I say I'm playing right-end
wanted to play football for the coach
'Cause, you know some day, man
you gotta stand up straight unless you're gonna fall
then you're gone to die
And the straightest dude
I ever knew was standing right for me all the time
So I had to play football for the coach
and I wanted to play football for the coach

When you're all alone and lonely
in your midnight hour
And you find that your soul
it's been up for sale

And you begin to think 'bout
all the things that you've done
And you begin to hate
just 'bout everything

But remember the princess who lived on the hill
Who loved you even though she knew you was wrong
And right now she just might come shining through
and the -

- Glory of love, glory of love
glory of love, just might come through

And all your two-bit friends
have gone and ripped you off
They're talking behind your back saying, man
you're never going to be no human being
And you start thinking again
'bout all those things that you've done
And who it was and what it was
and all the different things you made every different scene

Ahhh, but remember that the city is a funny place
Something like a circus or a sewer
And just remember different people have peculiar tastes
and the -

- Glory of love, the glory of love
the glory of love, might see you through
yeah, but now, now
Glory of love, the glory of love
the glory of love, might see you through
Glory of love, ah, huh, huh, the glory of love
Glory of love, glory of love
Glory of love, now, glory of love, now
Glory of love, now, now, now, glory of love
Glory of love, give it to me now, glory of love see you through
Oh, my Coney Island baby, now
(I'm a Coney Island baby, now)
I'd like to send this one out for Lou and Rachel
and all the kids and P.S. 192
Coney Island baby
Man, I'd swear, I'd give the whole thing up for you
Sat, November 12, 2011 - 5:57 PM permalink - 0 comments
Well the heat finally melted away here, and it started raining again bringing life and a Gaeaic resurgence to the fried herbaceous forms here.
While I have been to busy with taking some classes to get free to go camping, I did get out in the middle of the 105-108 weather in late July to go camping in the northern most Ozarks up at a place called Cactus Canyon for a week of locally cool weather. Mostly we hung by the pool but also did some naked hiking. There are some lush wooded creeks to be seen with cool ponds of water abundant in life, and some open hilltop bridal trails that have a very nice view of the adjacent ridges. I would recommend the place as a gay and nudist haven to anyone, and its cheap to camp there too by those standards. Very much balm for the soul as well.
Perhaps I will get free in the Spring to go to the beach or someplace where my pale ass can see the light of day again.
It sure did help my soul for it, and needs more.
Tue, November 8, 2011 - 11:31 AM permalink - 0 comments
Its been hotter than crap out here this summer. Too hot to work in the garage, and too hot to do any riding but for in the mornings with 105-108 temps a lot of days. Hanging out in the pool has not been too bad though, thankful that I have one I can go naked in and enjoy it all the way.

Here are some fun links for dirt bike mayhem. In June the AMA nationals came and went and it was too hot for that as well, damn hot weather here.

My favorite place, Glen Helen CA with some hot guys heating up the circuit.



A hodgepodge of stuff with some fun action, some fast, some slow:

Fri, August 19, 2011 - 7:24 PM permalink - 2 comments
Spring has sprun here and I am getting the fever for some good raucous dirt bike action.

Need to get the valve fix on the KLR650 finished and then take it out for some rough stuff.
Might have to hit the hill climb in CA out at Glen Helen somehow this year as well at some point.

Here is some killer hill climb action from years past that is burning a hole in my ass for some dirt bike fun.

And some good music to go with it since the score leaves some to be desired.
Sun, March 6, 2011 - 12:43 PM permalink - 1 comment
Well this audio clip of Joni Mitchel and Pete Seeger has been up on the top of my page for a while and I STILL enjoy listing to it, like a LOT.
Not sure why but it seems to be the balm for my soul these days. Seems like seeing things from different perspectives (I look at love from both sides now) and the new verse added and sung by Seeger seems so apropos to me these days...
even though it is more or less meaningless by the pure semantics of it alone, its carries a mood that meshes with how I see things.

Father, daughter don't you know...
You are not the first to feel just so,
but let me say before I go,
Its worth it anyway.

Some day we may all be surprised,
we will wake and open up our eyes,
and then we all will realize,
the whole world feels this way.

We have all been living upside down,
and turned around,
with who unbound,
until we learn and face the sun,
yes all of us,

<instrumental chorus of hmm hmmm, do dahs>

Anyway, there is an interesting interview with Seeger that is on the YouTube where he talks about the aspects of folk music reaching people because of its harmony.

I wiki-ed up Seeger and while I was rather surprised to see that he was aligned with the communist party in the 40s, a thought which I don't relish at this point as I think that form of government has done less for the human condition than capitalism, which by all standards itself is no where close to being perfect... but then perhaps it is people and people's values for other people that are at fault and not governments or political ideologies here. I am only sure that I don't know what the source of things going amiss in the world is for sure... perhaps its everyone wanting more material things and not being spiritually grounded. Perhaps its simply that man is a blight on the planet. I don't really think the latter as it seems that Native Americans were able to live in harmony with nature and the planet. Not always with each other though, and perhaps the living with nature was successful because it was the only thing they had going, hard to say. At least they were not only in acceptance of the world they lived in, but at peace and in harmony with it as well. I do like their concept of nature and spirit, I know that. Anyway, it seems people should get along better and enjoy what they have, appreciate their fellow man and mankind in general, and not screw other people to obtain material gains.
Seeger seems to be an interesting kinda guy being a purveyor of human rights, anti war sentiments, and all of that, and for the most part I like the way he thinks, at least the way he thought after I was born, and his folk music of course has a good feeling to it for me.
An interesting interview with a Jim Brown that made a movie "The Power of Song" about Seeger and his music speaks to folk music, ideology, censorship, and music.

and a wiki article on Seeger's life (who is still quite alive and well I hear)

As far as the world goes... It is depressing to me to see the US slide from #1 in the global economy only to start to be lapped by countries like China who with their lust for materialism seem to be forsaking millennia of wisdom, and India with the same thing going on... I woke to the PBS station news today to hear of garbage dumps next door to the luxury condominiums in a new and affluent suburban area outside of New Deli, which not only serve as garbage dumps but mass open graves for people who dye in the streets. With all that India and China have going they have stuff like that happening left and right... I am thankful to live in a country which does not suffer such a derailment of concern of the human condition as that.
Fri, December 11, 2009 - 9:26 AM permalink - 3 comments
I attended my 2nd sweat lodge the other weekend. It was a bit crowded in there, but a good one none the less. I am finding that I really connect to nature and the sense of spirit in that space. I really want to do one that is all naked though as the idea of wearing shorts because its a mixed group of men and women seems fundamentally wrong to me. If people can not sit in something like that naked I think they should not be there personally, or try to learn to get over their hangups about their body image or what ever it is that gets in the way. Its about connecting with nature, so what is with a priority of maintaining a barrier to the over all experience in the form of clothing anyway? How messed up is that ?!?!
Sat, December 5, 2009 - 4:42 AM permalink - 4 comments
Well Dec came out with a depressing slam when mid december I heard for 4 days in a row that someone was dead, dying or got hammered into oblivion, from a favorite uncle suddenly bleeding to death from a hematoma, to a sport bike rider friend hitting a low side slide in a fast turn and sliding into the lane of an on coming truck, to an old motorcycle acquaintance dying a slow death of anemia and bone cancer in the next 6 months despite painful bone marrow grafts.

Here is a link that shows the kind of mayhem you get into when you slide under a truck... this guy is on a scooter and was over taken from the rear, my bud was on a sport bike and was over taken from the front. The effect was the same and freaked everyone out pretty bad at the accident site. People on the ride where in a state of shock for a good while on it and did not have much to say about it other than it was really bad, he died instantly and did not suffer, and they never want to see that kind of shit again.

Here is some extreme sportbike stunt threads scored with some good music to make you feel better now. Easy survivable crashes. The ones you can live to talk about. Not as much fun as crashing dirtbikes but close.

One with some more fun-esque dirt bike crashes...

Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.
Mon, January 21, 2008 - 8:46 PM permalink - 0 comments
Here is an excerpt that I got out ot the yahoo group TGPSK, Things Gay People Should Know.... A great alternative news feed that pics up a lot of stuff lost in our censoring partisan corporate owned and served pouplar press and news media.
Enjoy, and happy new year to everyone... it was a GREAT YEAR for me for once, despite all the badness in the world.

*Top 10 LGBT stories of 2007 * Filed by: Bil Browning
<www.bilerico .com/contributor s/bil_browning> December 27, 2007 1:03

Was 2007 the year of the queer? As our community gets more and more
visibility, we've all had plenty to talk about this year but did anything
actually get accomplished?

Alex and I thought we'd work together on this post recapping the past year.
We had a lot to choose from but we've narrowed it down to a top ten list.
Agree or disagree, these are our picks for the top 10 news stories from
around the LGBTQ world in 2007 and my conclusion and thoughts on 2008...

*1) ENDA split*

Barney Frank made headlines across the nation when he guest posted to the
Bilerico Project<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 09/guest_ post_on_enda_ from_congressman _fran.php>about
his reasons for dropping the transgender community from the Employment
Non-Discrimination Act. The LGBT community reacted with
outrage<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 10/an_open_ letter_to_ barney_frank. php>and
several of our organizational- based contributors led
the fight for a fully inclusive
ENDA<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 09/a_nontransgen derinclusive_ enda_no_way. php>.
Lambda Legal disputed Frank's claim leading Rep Frank to guest post a 2nd
time<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 10/barney_ frank_on_ lambda_legals_ analysis. php>in
response. Lambda's president, Kevin
Cathcart, also guest
posted<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 10/lambda_ legal_responds_ to_rep_barney_ fran.php>to
refute Frank's second post.

As the debate raged back and
forth<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 09/the_big_ breaking_ news_about_ enda.php>,
Congress persons were confused as to whether or not to vote in favor of the
bill which would be doomed to Presidential veto even if it made it past both
houses of Congress. Rep Tammy Baldwin offered an amendment to include gender
identity<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 10/enda_update_ tammy_baldwin_ to_introduce_ a.php>,
but she ended up withdrawing it before the final
vote<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 11/congresswoman _tammy_baldwin_ on_the_passa. php>and
guest posting about her reasons for doing so. In the end, HRC
supported the non-inclusive
bill<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 10/enda_update. php>causing even
further divides between the largest LGB(T?) organization and
it's transgender members.

The non-inclusive version passed the
House<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 11/enda_rift_ throw_tammy_ baldwin_under_ the.php>but
died in the Senate. On the HRC president's "The Agenda with Joe
Solmonese" radio show, Frank recently announced that transgender protections
would also be left out of 2008 lobbying
efforts<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/barney_ frank_no_ transinclusive_ enda_in_0. php>.
HRC and the trans community remain
estranged<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 10/supporting_ those_who_ support_you. php>and
Joe Solmonese withdrew from the Bilerico Project citing an HRC
unfriendly environment on the blog.

*2) Hate Crimes*

Since it was introduced in the
House<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/%3Cbr% 20/%3Ehttp: //www.govtrack. us/congress/ billtext. xpd?bill= h110-1592>in
March, sexual orientation and gender identity inclusive hate crimes
legislation became a focal point for the Religious Right's opposition to
queer equality. Yet amid protests that the legislation would infringe on
religious freedom<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/%3Cbr% 20/%3Ehttp: //www.bilerico. com/2007/ 07/hate_crime_ fundie_follies. php>,
a presidential veto
threat<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/%3Cbr% 20/%3Ehttp: //www.bilerico. com/2007/ 08/bush_might_ really_reject_ hate_crimes_ leg.php>,
and new data showing increases in hate
crimes<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 11/fbi_reports_ hate_crimes_ increase. php>,
the popular<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/%3Cbr% 20/%3Ehttp: //www.bilerico. com/2007/ 05/gallup_ poll_mos. php>
Shepard Act passed the
House<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 05/hate_crimes_ spl.php>on May 3 and
got attached
to the Defense Reauthorization
Bill<www.washingt wp-dyn/content/ article/2007/ 09/27/AR20070927 00126.html>on
September 27.[image:
MattFen8.jpg] <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/MattFen8. jpg>

The legislation was so attached to save it from Bush's veto stamp, but
speculation from all the way back in July warned that the plan might
fail<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 07/something_ rotten_in_ the_senate. php>due
to the War's unpopularity. The hate
crimes legislation got separated from the war funding
bill<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/from_the_ washington_ blade_senate. php>in
conference amid threats that the legislation would draw the ire of
anti-war Democrats and anti-gay Republicans.

The fight is long from over. A wide coalition of civil rights, civil
liberties, and criminal justice advocacy groups will continue to push the
legislation, which all Democratic presidential candidates have promised to
sign into law, in 2008.

*3) Episcopals*

The worldwide Anglican Communion's unity has been put even further in
jeopardy this past year as the hierarchy decided to rebuke American
Episcopalians because of their consecrating a gay bishop and blessing
same-sex unions <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 02/episcopalians _r.php>. The
theological disagreement over homosexuality at the heart of what can best be
described as a power
struggle<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 11/gays_unfairly _blamed_for_ episcopal_ churc.php>,
divided along post-colonial racial, ontological, and economic
lines<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 06/the_anglican_ co.php>,
for the future of the Communion threatened schism.[image:
episcopal.gif] <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/episcopal. gif>

American Episcopalians didn't back down even as seven conservative Anglican
leaders refused to take part in communion with Kerri
Jefforts-Schori<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 02/anglican_ split_deepens. php>and
words from rising-star and homophobe Bishop Akinola of
Nigeria<www.thinking anglicans. 002387.html>.
But several American churches have begun to break away from the Episcopalian
hierarchy and join conservative communions, including the entire San Joaquin
diocese <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/evangelical_ schism_continues .php>.
And even presidential hopeful John McCain has cut-and-run from the Episcopal
Church<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 09/john_mccain_ even_flipflops_ on_his_religi. php>

The divide will continue to deepen as more churches side with inequality in
the face of the Episcopal Church's historic and continued agitating for
social justice. And progressive voices like those of Jefforts-Schori
and Desmond
Tutu <http://news. 2/hi/africa/ 7100295.stm> could be the forces
that help queer liberation cross another set of national boundaries.

*4) Larry Craig gets outed*

When Roll Call<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 08/what_is_ it_with_republic an_politicians_ a.php>got
ahold of arrest documents from a Minneapolis/ St. Paul bathroom sting
operation, and Craig's sexuality seemed to be all the LGBT blogosphere could
talk about. There was no denying it; this story had everything - a
conservative politician with a solid anti-gay record, one of the most
embarrassing ways for anyone to come out, and a protracted political and
legal battle over his job and dignity.[image:
larrycraig.jpg] <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/larrycraig. jpg>

Despite announcing that he would resign a month after the story broke, Craig
fought to take back his guilty
plea<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 09/larry_ craig_to_ appear_in_ court_tomorrow. php>,
and failed, and remained in the
Senate<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 10/larry_ craig_vows_ to_finish_ out_his_term. php>to
call the Religious Right's and Republican leadership's bluff in
for his resignation.

Craig's actions also brought back memories of a less pleasant time in gay
America's history, when public spaces provided some of the only avenues of
connection for closeted gay men and police officers did what they could to
hassle up queens. Cruising and Bag a
Fag<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 08/larry_ craig_innocent. php>were back
on center-stage as the ACLU
filed a brief in Craig's
support<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 09/aclu_backs_ larry_craig. php>

Larry Craig did his part to help debunk the GOP's faux-1950's morality and
remind gays that the nastiest effects of that morality are still around.

*5) HRC/Logo debate*

All of the Democratic candidates for President have courted the LGBT vote
this election cycle, but never was it more obvious than the HRC/Logo
debates<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 08/will_the_ hrclogo_debate_ be_a_white_ queer.php>.
The televised event was the first time all of the candidates have met to
talk specifically about LGBT issues. [image:
flag.jpg]<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/flag.jpg>
While some candidates faltered (Richardson' s
gaffe<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 08/bill_richards on_not_a_ man_of_science_ 1.php>,
Clinton's "I'll repeal part of
DOMA."<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 08/hillary_ clinton_and_ section_3_ of_doma.php>)
others took the opportunity to shine (Edward's straight-forward
conversation, Kucinich's stance on everything). Hosted by HRC President (and
former Bilerico Project contributor) Joe Solmonese, musician Melissa
Etheridge and journalist Jonathan Capehart and moderated by (straight)
journalist Margaret Carlson, the event was
praised<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 08/popping_ the_question_ to_the_candidate s.php>and
panned <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 10/say_it_ aint_so_joe. php> by the LGBT
blogosphere. The questions were easy and the stances already taken. Like
most of the presidential debates we didn't learn anything
new<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 08/after_ the_forum_ a_few_thoughts. php>,
we just watched the candidates posture and preen while we rated them on
their poise and
polish<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 08/the_visible_ vote_do_they_ really_support. php>

*6) Mary Cheney's baby*

[image: cheney.jpg] <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/cheney. jpg>Mary Cheney,
Vice-President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter, had a
son<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 06/is_the_ cheney_b. php>with her
partner Heather Poe. Mary helped the Bush/Cheney team to win the
presidential election on a platform of anti-gay rhetoric and war mongering.
While her father and his boss opposed gay families at all costs on the
campaign trail, the veep's little princess defended her family with a weak "My
child is not a political
statement."<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 05/welcome_ to_mast.php>The
White House photo <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 05/samuel_ david_ch. php>, of
course, only showed the smiling grandparents with the baby – but no sign of
his lesbian mothers <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 06/ive_been_ wonder.php>.

*7) New Jersey Civil Unions*

Garden Staters began being able to apply for civil
unions<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 02/one_step_ forwar.php>[image:
Rings.JPG] <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/Rings. JPG> in February of this
year, and the gap between a civil union and a marriage has never been more
apparent. From UPS to private insurance, businesses and employers have been
refusing to recognize one of every 6.3 civil
unions<www.nytimes. com/2007/ 10/28/nyregion/ 28civil.html>as they
would a marriage. The good news as marriage advocates publicize this
new information and develop tactics around it is that New Jersey voters have
moved closer to
accepting<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 08/new_jersey_ marriage_ zogby_poll. php>same-sex

*8) Jerry Falwell's death*
[image: tinky.jpg] <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/tinky. jpg>
Noted homophobe and political meddler Jerry Falwell died this year after a
group of lesbian witches put a hex on
him<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 05/for_immediate _r.php>.
(Or so we said!) The passing of the LGBT community's foremost enemy was marked
across the country
<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 05/jerry_ falwell_i_ 2.php>by not only gay
and lesbian groups, but the majority of America, as an end
to Falwell's religious bigotry and gospel of Republican hate.

*9) Don't Ask Don't Tell*

[image: dadt.jpg] <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/dadt.jpg>While
politicians cling to Don't Ask Don't Tell, soldiers are coming out and are
valued for their ability to shoot straight, not be straight. Darren
Manzella<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/60_minutes_ with_darren_ manzella. php>became
the first openly gay, active-duty soldier to speak with the media on
the matter, showing that the only people who oppose gays serving openly and
with dignity running for the GOP presidential
nomination<http://youtube. com/watch? v=l4UAhbMRpQU>

The secret's out and everyone knows there are gays in the military - how
long until our politicians catch up?

*10) The Bilerico Project launches*

You didn't think we were going to let this one pass us by, did you? The
Bilerico Project launched at the beginning of July. As we've grown over the
past six months, we've more than exceeded our original expectations. We were
nominated for the 2007 Blog Awards for Best LGBT
blog<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 11/you_love_ us_you_really_ really_love_ us.php>and
the 2007
Gay Verve Awards for Best Brand New Blog and Best Political or News
blog<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/nominated_ for_more_ awards.php>.
We were also listed as one of *Advocate* magazine's top ten blogs of
2007<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/the_advocates _best_blog_ of_2007.php>.
With our roster of 50 prominent
contributors<www.bilerico .com/contributor s/>from around the
queer world, we quickly became the nation's largest LGBT
group blog and helped shape the national debate on LGBT issues by including
groundbreaking guest posts from Presidential candidates Bill
Richardson<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 11/bill_richards on_i_screwed_ up.php>and
Obama <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 11/a_call_ for_full_ equality. php> and
Congresspersons Joe Donnelly <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 05/003031. php>, Brad
Ellsworth <www.bilerico .com/2007/ 05/003046. php>, and Tammy
Baldwin<www.bilerico .com/2007/ 11/congresswoman _tammy_baldwin_ on_the_passa. php>among
others. We made history as the first LGBT blog to have a presidential
candidate directly speak to the readers and we look forward to continuing
our upwards trend in 2008.


As we look at the list, which items actually had a definite conclusion?
Where did we win an actual victory?

- *ENDA* - Still not US law - with or without gender identity
- *Hate crimes* - Still not US law
- *Episcopals* - Still not split
- *Larry Craig* - Still hasn't left office
- *HRC/Logo debate* - Still haven't chosen a Democratic nominee
- *Mary Cheney* - Resolved. *(But we didn't have anything to do with
- *NJ Civil Unions* - Still not equality. State is looking at marriage
- *Jerry Falwell* - Resolved. *(But we didn't have anything to do with
- *DADT* - Still not overturned.
- *TBP* - Still growing.

The only place where we benefited from direct accomplishments were the two
items we had nothing directly to do with! While we made huge gains in some
areas (DADT and legislative advances around the country), we've still not
reached our ultimate goals.

As we head into 2008, we should remember how many things we still have to
accomplish. We should gather our friends and surge ever onwards. We may not
always agree on the goals or the strategies, but we have one things in

We're different. We're queer. We're not the same as "everyone else" and a
surprisingly large amount of our fellow citizens don't like us because of
it. There is strength in numbers and coalitions are the background of
movements. To quote radical community organizer Lew
Alinsky< com/custom? num=50&hl= en&c2coff= 1&safe=off& client=pub- 2702030005222367 &channel= 6301924329& cof=FORID% 3A1%3BGL% 3A1%3BS%3Ahttp% 3A%2F%2Fwww. bilerico. com%2F%3BL% 3Ahttp%3A% 2F%2Fwww. bilerico. com%2Fimages% 2Ftbpgoogle. png%3BLH% 3A50%3BLW% 3A100%3BLBGC% 3Affffff% 3BLP%3A1% 3BLC%3A%234a853b %3BVLC%3A% 2371483d% 3BGALT%3A% 234a853b% 3BGFNT%3A% 23cc6600% 3BGIMP%3A% 23cc6600% 3BDIV%3A% 23000000% 3B&domains= www.bilerico. com&sig=9MNgqyqz cVT5DoFf& flav=0001& q=Alinsky& btnG=Search& sitesearch= www.bilerico. com>

*We will start with the system because there is no other place to start from
except political lunacy. It is most important for those of us who want
revolutionary change to understand that revolution must be preceded by
reformation. To assume that a political revolution can survive without the
supporting base of a popular reformation is to ask for the impossible in

We're honored to be part of the movement - a spot where folks of differences
can come together and discuss the goals and strategies behind our lives. Now
let's get ready for 2008.

We have work to do.

www.bilerico .com/2007/ 12/top_10_ lgbt_news_ stories_of_ 2007.php
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For those of you poor bastards like me that are unlucky enough to live in a RED state here are some links that may help you keep from loosing your mind, or at least your perspective and sense of humor. For those of you that live in Blue states, just shut the f@ck up and quit laughing!!!

1) How can you tell the difference between a redneck BBQ place and a strip joint by the name?

2)What is it like to drive thru Texas meeting some of the people in small towns? What is it like to take a trip across the proverbial Red Sea?

3)Is it true that Red states are "fundamentally" different from Blue states? Maybe not so much as Red states might like to think!!!

4)OK... I admit it, I riped all this off from the page at the link below:
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Has anyone noticed the "film" stuff out of Hollywood going down down down steadily over the last couple decades?

I think they have finally hit total bottom in their production of crap pulp "film". Stuff that does not even warrant a review, a poster, or any promotion what so ever. This garbage has shown up at my local theatre... what where these people thinking???

No wonder this country is going down the toilet.
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