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June 21, 2004
Massaging hands that make the world’s woes disappear, if only for an hour.

A brilliant mind, full of questions, answers and poetry.

A Soul full of love, light, and courage.

Ananda - angel, imp, warrior and healer wrapped into one handsome package.

And the blessings continue…
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R.I.P. Sweet Bleatio! I miss you.
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I am a honeysuckle she-bear butch built for comfort who cozy, laid back, groovy, creative, very relaxed, grounded, serene, soft, dreamy, charismatically playful with inappropriate levity, smart, curious, loving, approachably odd, a thriving seasoned survivor, earthy, aware, self-responsible, wacky, witty, and solid. I am a healer, lover, dreamer, jester, and artist of my own life.

I'll see it when I believe it.
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