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joined on 10/08/03
last updated 01/08/11
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Bite me. I do what I want.

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September 20, 2009
She shows up unannounced at my camp one afternoon just to say hello. I was honored. Thanks, Elaine for making yourself known, and being the wonderful human being that you are. I am thrilled that you are one of my co-mods for the Burningman tribe. See you next year on the playa!
September 2, 2008
I'm a 'Writer'.
I use words.

Elaine makes me laugh.
(and think)

That's all I've got.

If that isn't enough...
Fuck Yer day!
September 2, 2008
Finally! we meet, on the playa, standing there beside a very cool, fully articulated fir breathing dragon,

I turn and there is this radiate playa dusted beautiful woman,

ELAINE? BARE? Yup! that's how the playa works, brings those into your life at exactly the right moment..

though there was much to see and do, and we were both with our "possee's, there wasn't time to do much more than hug, LOTS of times,

Damn, even dusted and playafied, as we both were, this woman not only looks HOT, she IS hot.....

I am looking forward to a time where we can actually spend some time chatting,

it was definitely MY Pleasure to have finally met the amazing Elaine....

your energy radiates.... bright and strong and incredibly beautiful....

it's ALL good!!!!! thanks for being part of my playa experience.. I am still smiling....

Bare (Barb)
March 29, 2007
elaine is all things good.

good does not necessarily always mean kind and gentle
and selfless and snow-white-among-the-wildlife-y.
good means funny and smart and friendly.
good means solid and dependable as traits, not actions.
good means giving a shit and showing it consistently.

'good' has now been repeated enough to lose all meaning.
i will now refer to elaine as fanfuckingtastic, which is far
more accurate and considerably more fun to say.

i am glad to have elaine in my life. and look forward to
sitting down with her and chatting, and then wreaking havoc
among the masses. she's fun like that.
November 30, 2006
Elaine is going to move to Canada, marry me and become my co-dependant Plutonic Lesbian Life Partner.
Elaine only wants me for my Benefit Plan.
I'm ok with that.
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