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May 29, 2006
Super duper dude! We ought to start a band. ;-) Brian is an awesome guy and really worth getting to know. He gives great advice and is a very caring person. Oh, and he is a pretty good hair-stylist too. ;-)
November 28, 2005
Ok, I am here now. I really hope we get a chance to get to know each other well. You seem like a great potential friend. Thanks for the invite. A gf of mine says tribe is as addictive as crack. We shall see.
June 4, 2005
Brian is a true sweetheart!
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I have been in an open relationship for 12 years w/ my primary partner Lauren. I'm 30, 6ft , 300lbs, just cut off my waist length dreads, hazel eyes, Scottich origin. I was a Massage Therapist .Now I am in College to be a Welder. I'm all about real friendship. I'm a very honest and loyal person.
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