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January 12, 2006
Well what can I say about this generous, giving, caring chica? Well I think I just said it. I want to thank you dear for becoming my friend & listening to me bitch & whatnot.
You are too cool...I can't wait to meet you this year at Cairo Carnival....We will defineatly have to hang out...
Till then...Keep showing your Ass Hat.
Love ya...
August 3, 2005
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Danny and I are having a baby! We are about 5 weeks along eeeeek!!!!
Fri, May 4, 2007 - 1:14 PM permalink - 7 comments
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Me, Arista, and Dea in Rosarito, Mexico where they filmed titanic...look there's an iceberg!!
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speak your mind~even if your voice shake

about me
I graduated from UC Riverside with my degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Social science in December 2005. I am attending CSUSB's MAS environmental education program. I have been studying different styles of belly dance for many years and physically dancing off and on for 7. I'm a student at heart:o) I have lots of tattoos and my collection is growing. I also love ear piercings and crazy hair colors.
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