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(un)spoken woerdz

November 30, 2005
Blank Space is an amazing entity; he seems to me the Wizard of Oz sometimes, working so hard behind the scenes to make it all seem seamless! Blank facilitates space for people to be open and free and to express themselves in a wonderful way. Through his own letting-go-of-ownership, he allows others to put their concerns and qualms to the wayside and leap headfirst into expression. Blank creates a safe space unlike any other I've experienced, wherein the collaborative community connection allows all to feel that they have been caught and held and warmly welcomed. He always has a loving smile, even at two in the morning with so much clean-up left to be done. Blank - you inspire me, thank you :)
November 24, 2005
Blank Space was inserted into my life during the Victoria Slam-off, a Slam competition to determine who would represent Victoria, BC in the Canadian Slam nationals. Since then he's livened up my life (and Victoria) through his dedication to co-creating music and community. We've had countless jams with various local and not-so-local talent; what a wonderful way to teach, learn & share.
Blank Space has also gone way out of his way to provide an opportunity for many independent artists (including myself) to record their material. Thanks so much!
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Blank Space

about me

Blank Space is an independent artist who has been workin his craft since 2000. He is known across Canada as a talented lyricist, spoken word artist and beatboxer.

Being an independent artist these days is not an easy lifestyle. There are people who are in this industry to ONLY MAKE MONEY AND SPEND MONEY. If that’s what your all about, fuck you! That is not what I’m ALL ABOUT, so if ya bring your materialistic bullsh*t to the stage and I’m a CALL YOU OUT!

I have been touring as part of The Outspoken Wordsmiths and The Soapbox Poets since 2006, and have played over 200 shows in more than 40 cities on Turtle Island (since ‘06). You can find Blank Space on 14 different albums / compilations that have been released since 2004 and have independently distributed over 2000 CDs with my music on’em.

From the Atlantic Ocean, but currently living on the West Coast Salish Territories, in Victoria, BC, I independently organize all tours/events/shows on my own (with the help of my friends).

The relations I’ve built with friends, family and fans are my security. You sponsor and fund all of the music that I create, and the tours that I go on. I don’t feel safer cause of ‘something’ in a box ‘somewhere’, or a machine I ‘own’ in a garage somewhere; I feel safer because of knowing you as an individual in this crazy world.

If your reading this, or sending me messages (THANK YOU!), you keep me grounded. And those supportin’ by buying merch, coming out to shows, or housing us as we come though your city (THANK YOU!), you help keep me alive; you’re my bread’n’butter.
ALSO: I travel all of the time, so if you wanna visit from me, please let me know. And if you can book me for a show please CONTACT ME @ AT gmail DOT com.



2004 – Started taking myself seriously. Released Blank Space & Friends Mixtape Vol. 1 & 3rd Eye Album

2005 – Formed the NMA (National Microphone Association), and the five piece improve / beatbox troop, the BBP (Beat Boxing Pirates), and the subgroup of the BBP, The Outspoken Wordsmiths. Became one fifth of the Victoria Slam Poetry Team (that went to the Nationals in Vancouver, BC). Released Blank Space & Friends Mixtape Vol. 2 (CD) & The Outspoken Wordsmiths & Dragonboy: From Our Cold Dead Hands (CD)

2006 – Toured as The Outspoken Wordsmiths & Dragonboy through 12 cities across kanada, playing over 40 performances in 24 weeks. Formed beatbox-driven-soul group The Soapbox Poets and toured through BC & AB playing 10 shows (in 3 weeks). Won Halifax's DJ Olympics as the Beat Boxing Champion. Released the self titled album Beat Boxing Pirates (CD).

2007 – Toured Eastern kanada as The Outspoken Wordsmiths playing 10 shows in 8 cities in 4 weeks (Beggin’ For Change). Released Blank Space & Friends Mixtape Vol. 3.14 (CD), Rock Against Harper (CD) & The Soapbox Poets Classic Cassette Tape Demo (TAPE). Featured on the STOMP ATLANTIC compilation (CD) & OD Magazine Compilation (CD).

2008 -- Toured the gulf islands between Vancouver mainland and Vancouver Island as The Outspoken Wordsmiths, with Odditory Presence, Proverbial & TemPeSt playing 10 shows in 2 weeks (On The Rocks). Released Muse Licks (CD) & On The Rocks NMA logbook vol.1 (BOOK)

2009 – Toured Turtle Island as The Outspoken Wordsmiths alongside TESTAMENT, illogik and The Peoples Poets playing near 60 shows in 38 cities over 18 weeks. Released The Outspoken Wordsmiths: Infinite Potential
I believe that i can be completely self sustainable from my forms of expression.
I also believe that free (uncensored) expression is a right.
I believe in a change in the mainstream values we impose on ourselves and our children.

There is no such thing as intellectual copyright in my world.
There are no rights reserved on the art & expression i create because I believe that information & expression are created to be shared.

So please take all music / pictures and information if you feel like it.
Share with others that which you gain for yourself.

I believe in you.

Blank Space

June 2009
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