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Say What???

August 11, 2007
i don't know him very well...i think we friended over some witty post or commiserate complaint of some topic or other.

but here's a typical kindness that he posted to my blog that points to the reason that the world could use more of BLC's kind:

~when i blogged about the alarming issue of the standard of chocolate being degraded to include vegetable oil as an ingredient, his comment was:

"If I had the last piece of real chocolate in the world, I would totally give it to you."

How sweet is THAT?? i ask you?

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Clear thinking in a hectic world

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Social Capital, Pop Culture and Bitching

It's not like it's August or anything. It's still nice enough that the house can be opened up at dawn and it doesn't get too hot inside until 2:00 or so.

I miss the fresh air of the California coast and the sounds. Here in Las Vegas, it's just traffic and air conditioners! No, it's not quite that bad but sometimes the boom boom boom of stereos is in the mix too.

I understand culture clash and can appreciate self expression but if I have to listen to your car stereo anyway, at least invite me over for a beer!
Sat, June 23, 2012 - 7:25 AM permalink - 0 comments
I have been busy trying to make a living so no posting for me in the last couple of weeks.

I'm working on marketing material for a small business and I bought an old film camera I want to try out soon. The thing looks like a Leica M3 so it's super smexy.

I almost hit a stupid kid a couple of weeks ago. How do I know the kid was stupid? Because she just stepped out into traffic without looking. For those that travel to Las Vegas, pedestrians think cars magically stop when they step onto the road. So far, there have been over 40 fatalities from people doing this this year. Keep your head on a swivel if you drive in for the weekend.
Fri, June 1, 2012 - 10:43 AM permalink - 0 comments
After a couple of girlfriends and some employment realignments, I'm starting to reconnect with people or I suppose I should say personalities that I have lost touch with.

I have amped up a hobby, dialed back another and made adjustments in my lifestyle so I can stay afloat. (This IS Las Vegas!)

How am I doing? Fine as always. I'm excited for what is coming next in my life. :D
Sat, April 14, 2012 - 5:48 PM permalink - 0 comments
I bought an air compressor from Kragen with a $20.00 rebate. I sent in the rebate per the instructions. After quite a few weeks, they mailed out a rebate check for the $20.00.

I just saw a $20.00 debit and a $7.00 debit on my account. I called and they said Kragen STOPPED PAYMENT on the rebate check! You have got to be kidding me!

Obviously, CSK stores are off limits to me forever. Screw those A**holes!

The stores they do business under are O'Reilly Auto Parts, Checker Auto Parts, Schuck's Auto Supply, Kragen Auto Parts and Murray's Discount Auto Stores.
Wed, December 10, 2008 - 4:26 PM permalink - 2 comments
I've been dealing with this hernia for quite a few months now. Believe it or not, I got mine from coughing. I helped a chain smoker put in a sliding patio door and coughed my guts out, literally. I finally got laid off from this casino/hotel project that I had been on since last year and dealt with it.

I went to UMC unaware how bad they are. UMC is the University of Nevada's hospital system. What a joke! I bailed on that in time to get a great doc in Phoenix. Turns out everyone I know who has had doctoring there hates on UMC . Good thing I got away from that before it was too late.

The surgeon I went to was great, smart as hell and communicates everything in detail. He also uses everyday vernacular instead of the stuffy medical ones so he is likable too. He is a guy I can trust to do a perfect job. The other guy I had severe reservations about from the start, even though he was an associate professor plus he acted like a prick so there was no warm and fuzzy factor at all there.

I knew the hernia was a big one but didn't know exactly how big until after the surgery. He told my friend in the waiting room that it was the size of a softball. Yikes! It was also nearly ready to fail completely. Good timing for sure. I actually had a bilateral hernia, so I had both sides done but one side was just a patch job, nothing was poking out yet.

Now for the fun part, THE DRUGS! I apparently am funnier than hell when on Vicodin. The Vicodin runs out today, so it will be Motrin for the next few weeks. Oh well.

So here I am, convalescing in Phoenix just enjoying some peace and quiet. I am getting a lift back to Las Vegas in about a week then I'll be looking for some work at some point. I might run to San Fransisco to visit friends and my brother but other than that I'll take it easy for the next few weeks. The thought of having this thing fail and doing it over is keeping me on the straight and narrow.
Tue, June 17, 2008 - 5:29 AM permalink - 4 comments
I changed my billing address with Sprint today. First, I know going in that the CSR's are idiots. The first person I talked to was obviously retarded or slow somehow. I knew he screwed up the address just by his responses to me. I called a second time and and asked the guy to repeat the address. Yup,wrong. Fixed. OK, I called a THIRD time and had a woman this time although heavily accented Indian, at least she verified the address was good.

Now you would think everything was good to go. Nope, Sprint managed to fuck up the whole thing by changing my phone number without telling me. GodDamn piece of shit cocksuckers. I start getting a message telling me that I need to pony up a credit card to make a call. WTF??? I call Sprint for the fourth time and was told my phone needed to be reprogrammed. I would have to call in from another phone number as they couldn't do it while I was on the phone but tech support could fix it. I hung up but nothing happened. I called back again after a while and asked to talk to tech support.

The jagoff that I talked to must have been recently serving slurpies at 7-11 and finally told me that Sprint changed my fucking phone number without my consent or knowledge. He would not change it back as I moved my billing address into another area code. GODDAMMIT!!! I lost it and swore alot. He hung up. Go back and clean a fountain, fucker.

I called again and explained to a nice woman who sounded like a New Orleans native. Sweet voice. I'm going to assume she was cute as hell. I explained that my phone wouldn't work because Sprint changed the number without my consent or knowledge and I needed it changed back. She actually sounded competent, unlike the others. She put me on hold several times, claimed she talked to a supervisor and finally claimed that I should have a working phone by tomorrow afternoon.

We'll see, I 'm going to buy a Sprint doll and poke pins in it for eternity. Fuck Sprint.
Wed, December 19, 2007 - 9:17 PM permalink - 7 comments
It was 5:40 and I still hadn't made lunch to take to work. I need to leave in five minutes to be there on time but can't manage to walk the 12 feet to the fridge to get out the sandwiches. I think I need to take a mental health day. For no reason other than I want to.
Mon, October 1, 2007 - 6:06 AM permalink - 2 comments
I drug up Tuesday morning ("drug up" or "drag up" or "drag" are construction slang for quit a job) at 5:00 AM which is our regular start time and took a job at 8:00 AM that is 40 miles closer to home and only eight hour days. The company is better too. I also start at 6:00 AM allowing me wake up at 4:50 or so instead of 2:50 or so.

I came to work and walked up to my boss and uttered those immortal words "Hi Kieth, I need my pink slip". You could have knocked him over with a feather. He asked to walk with him and then pummeled me with questions about why I was unhappy, was it him? etc etc. He is only 24 or so and very insecure as you can tell. He really has no business being a foreman but I don't make those decisions. A month ago or so he was still an apprentice. I lied and told him is was solely because of the shortened commute distance. I didn't need a protracted conversation with a wounded puppy dog.

I started my first full day today at the new place. I looked up above me at around 7:00 AM and noticed a very large crane lifting a very large load of concrete over my head. :) I live a cool life.
Wed, September 12, 2007 - 5:50 PM permalink - 4 comments
So my van broke down in Yuma almost a month ago. A week ago, they claimed to have fixed it. I took a shuttle down there and picked it up. The drive back lasted four miles before I called for another tow. The oil pressure went to zero. A week later (this past Friday), it was done. "Oh by the way, we also replaced your starter." HUH??? This whole ordeal cost me about $1100.00, if you add the cost of the Tercel in, that makes that cam gear the most expensive one on the planet. It also makes it about equal to what I paid for the van a year ago. Sad thing is that I now have to repair their repair. The van pings so bad it sounds like I'm ready to burn holes in the pistons. The grease all over the door came off with Mr. Clean. I plugged in the left headlight in Gila Bend after driving for about an hour thinking that the headlights sure were dim all of a sudden. Duh. Can't use the air because it makes it overheat. The new dent in the front bumper will have to stay. It's a good thing I'm not an angry alcoholic.
Sun, August 12, 2007 - 4:41 PM permalink - 4 comments
My Dad died. He was 80. He was an asshole who beat me up as a kid. Yes, I miss him. He was sick mentally his whole life and didn't know it. He did have a big heart though, to anyone outside the family.
Fri, August 3, 2007 - 7:03 PM permalink - 5 comments
I've been working like crazy since last August. Sometimes I'm putting in 70+ hours a week, some seven day weeks. Right now, I'm getting up at 2:20 to start work at 4:00 AM. A few weeks ago, I crossed a solid white line in Peoria (AZ) and got puled over by a cop. Things went down hill from there. Of course they did! This is my life! Somehow, there is a record in the DMV that said my license was suspended since 1995.

The cop was nice enough not to impound my van for 30 days or throw me in jail. He could have done both. This is a criminal offense with a 180 day jail term. After a few court appearances and a visit with a nice prosecutor, they realized it was a weird mistake. I pointed out that I had just had an extensive background check for my Intel job, and two years ago I got a speeding ticket. I had how many insurance renewals and other employment checks since too. I came up clean every time. The total damages were $240.00, $220.00 for the ticket and $20.00 as a fee because I didn't have $220.00 on me when I went to court and had to pay it on payday a few days later.

Somewhere in this, I had to drive to Algodones to get my prescriptions. I can get meds in Mexico for less than my copay, including the gas and a couple of meals on the road. Amazing. In Yuma, on I8, my van quit running as if someone shut off the ignition. I pulled off and called 911. A very helpful state cop came by and thought it might be the rollover switch, the one that shuts off the fuel in case of accident. We tore the van apart looking for it.

At one point I had to laugh, because to passing motorists, it must have looked like he was looking for hidden drugs! No luck, so I had it towed to a shop he recommended. The guys there are great and the repair involves a stripped cam gear. That's about $700.00. The meds just got more expensive. Oh well. The gear would have packed it in anyway.

Yesterday, I bought a really nice 1994 Tercel to tide me over until I get the van back. I really like the PT Cruiser I am renting, but the rental is a tad bit pricey. At $900.00 for the Toyota, I got a screaming deal. The guy who sold it to me is a naturlized Iranian who is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is a history buff too, so we spent an hour talking about the mid east and the Persian empire. Great stuff.
Sun, July 15, 2007 - 4:45 PM permalink - 1 comment
No not really. I promised GuessWho Mockingbird that I would shave my head as a symbolic gesture for all the folks out there who are going through the horror of chemotherapy. They should know they are not alone. Hopefully they can take some comfort in that they are thought of and that warm thoughts are coming their way. This is me, post-nap and mostly shaved. I was thirsty so I took a short break. In the end, the only damages were four razors and a clogged sink. Nothing in comparison to the little lives taken with pain and anguish.

Sun, March 18, 2007 - 5:42 PM permalink - 5 comments
I was jonesing for peanut butter cookies yesterday. A quick Google got me a nice recipe from Jif. I had everything except milk and peanut butter. Yes, I am a closet baker of sorts. Since milk disgusts me, I figured I would substitute water for that since it was only 3 T and that left me getting some PB from the Safeway. Forty dollars later, I left the store with Skippy Superchunk. I hope Jif doesn't find out. I got some other items but no beer. How could I forget the beer? I am ashamed. I whipped up the four dozen batch and expertly forked them. Guess what I had for breakfast this morning?
Sun, February 18, 2007 - 8:40 AM permalink - 6 comments
I have Bravo on right now. It's background noise mostly for when I'm typing and swearing at malformed markup. The teaser for the upcoming segment of Real Housewives of Orange County was about someone getting a nose job. The dialog went something like "Just stick this chisel in the nose and hit it." CRACK!!! "See? Didn't the bone break just like I said?"

Wow! I actually smelled the blood in my own nose. Weird huh?
Thu, February 15, 2007 - 5:45 PM permalink - 1 comment

Microsoft Vista has several "enhancements" that make it a real horror. Sure, it is pretty, but you need to spend $2000.00 for new hardware to use the most expansive of the pretty new features. The estimates are approximately 71% of computers in use today do not meet the requirements to run Vista. The "horror" part comes in the form of errors in applying the new security policies, the DRM and the licensing.

First, the main change to security involves mimicking Linux in making permanent, separate, administrator and user accounts. This works very well in Linux. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the implementation makes doing anything on your Vista based computer about impossible. You get endless pop ups and roadblocks when you try to do the simplest things. The pre-release testing showed that the testers soon turned off the security features because they were too annoying. It is now a real pain to install anything like a hosts file or other third party security features that help make up for the lack of it in Windows. So much for security.

Next, we have the DRM. Digital Rights Management is what Microsoft and it's partners, RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) use to control what you see and hear on your computer. Believe it or not, the RIAA and the MPAA have a tool built into Vista that allows them to revoke your ability to use your computer. Like the other spyware on your computer, this spyware reports back to them what you are doing in real time then allows them to stop your computer if they think that you don't actually own what you are listening to or viewing. Congratulations, you now have a $2000.00 boat anchor, at least until you install Linux on it that is.

Getting treated like a criminal just got easier with Vista. The WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) has been taken to the next level. Not only is the thing continually checking to see if it is really a licensed copy, it also checks every installed program on your computer to see if it thinks those are licensed too. You guessed it, it reports back to Microsoft on it's findings. If it doesn't like what it finds, your computer is disabled. When you "buy" software, you really don't buy it, you license it. The creator still owns it, you just get to use it in consideration of the money you paid out. In past versions of Windows, you can reinstall your operating system as many times as you want. When the viruses keep on messing things up, you can keep on making things new again with fresh installs. This changes with Vista. Now, you get two installs including the original one, before you need to buy it all over again. Linux is looking better and better all the time.

Wed, January 24, 2007 - 5:37 PM permalink - 6 comments
I'm prolly more of a TV junkie than I'd like to admit. I thought today about what shows I'd miss if I didn't have cable. The list, in no particular order is: Property Ladder, Flip This House, Flip That House, Dirt, Veronica Mars, NCIS, Las Vegas, The Apprentice (no idea why), Girls Next Door, Real Housewives of Orange County, Dr. 90210, High Maintenance 90210, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Family Jewels, Real Reno, a variety of shows on the History Channel, the Comedy Channel, Sci-Fi Channel and the Travel Channel. That would be a lot of TV except most of them are in reruns which I don't watch. Sometimes they are just going in the background while I'm doing other things.
Sun, January 21, 2007 - 5:54 PM permalink - 7 comments
They might be Republicans, that would explain it. Those creepy, hateful little bastards that just run around causing misery and cause the rich to get richer by making me spend money on cool electronics. They conspire to cause maximum inconvenience and stress. I'm not bitter though. OK, I am but I can't help myself. Meh. Todays adventure involves not one, but three devices. First, my phone was dead. Put that in the charger. I'm sure it was charged up as of last night. I needed it to call Cox Cable, an outfit that is running a race with Comcast to see who has the most useless tech support people. My cable internet is flakey and I want to find out if it is Cox or my cable modem. Yup, it's my modem. Strike two. That was the better part of $100.00 to Fry's Electronics. Fry's is OK right up until you need help from the sales drones. I didn't. So now I have a solid internet connection again. I started another machine that I wanted to put another distro on to test permissions of resolv.conf and hosts. Xubuntu and Mepis has something weird going on that even if those files are r-r-r you can still write to them. Hmmm. I was going to put a distro on this now dead box to see if it was a Linuxy thing or just Debian or Ubuntu based distros. Fans spin and the power supply powers, but the motherboard is as dead as a doornail. I have to laugh though, I should have expected this. I can't EVER finish one thing without some major distraction and unexpected expenses.
Sun, January 14, 2007 - 11:41 AM permalink - 2 comments
I realized that my DNS lookup was slow with Firefox. I played with addresses in resolve.conf but that didn't help. I had previously deleted everything in my hosts file except for the loopback. I caught a forum post about slow DNS resolution with some routers or internet services not supporting IPv6. Going to about:config in the FF address bar, I saw network.dns.disableIPv6 was false. I changed it to "true" and holy fucking shit! Now, Opera is the slow one around here. (...runs off to
Wed, January 10, 2007 - 9:12 AM permalink - 2 comments
My Intel job has been over a couple of weeks. The place was fun but you cannot believe how dangerous it was. Today a friend called to say a guy was next to a forklift lifting a scissor lift to take it somewhere. The strap or rope broke. The scissor lift tumbled off of the forks on the giant forklift. It crushed the guy. He broke all of his ribs and broke his spine in two places. All kinds of cop cars, fire trucks and ambulances showed up for the emergency response. The guy was still alive at 5:00 but I can't help but think what horrors his family and coworkers are going through. How long will his recovery be if he lives? I don't know who it is yet, it might be one of my former co-workers.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that thirteen guys ran over there and lifted it off of the guy. I found a pic of the most common type out there.
Tue, January 2, 2007 - 6:01 PM permalink - 4 comments
I was originally going to drive to California to visit my brother for Thanksgivng. I decided that I wasn't going to drive all that way and took Southwest. Phoenix to Oakland in two hours beats 11 1/2 hours fighting traffic any day. A mostly uneventful flight, except for the funny-as-hell flight attendant that made really off the wall comments over the PA. "We accept tips" "The pilot should be sober now" On and on.

Not much has changed in Alameda except for the two best restaurants on Webster St. are closed. The Kapoc and That Thai Place were stellar. The Kapoc had the absolutely best Wor WonTon soup I have ever had. The Black and Tans at the Shamrock are the same, barmaid is an upgrade though.

I walked around San Francisco quite a bit on Monday, SOMA, Market and a few blocks on Mission. My main reason for going to SF was to drop off an overdue present for someone. That done, I shopped and sight saw (see'd?). I came thisclose to buying a MacBook on sale at CompUSA but changed my mind after realizing it would be on sale again just before Christmas for an even better price. BART, Muni and AC Transit are all still the same. There seems to be more homeless people now, they sleep openly on the sidewalks all day. I had Sushi near O'Farrell and Powell I think it was, I forgot about Sushi chefs and Mondays, but it was good anyway.

All in all, a nice way to spend a Monday in a city I don't spend enough time in.
Tue, November 21, 2006 - 7:32 AM permalink - 3 comments
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