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Crazy, busy Life

   Sun, July 15, 2007 - 4:45 PM
I've been working like crazy since last August. Sometimes I'm putting in 70+ hours a week, some seven day weeks. Right now, I'm getting up at 2:20 to start work at 4:00 AM. A few weeks ago, I crossed a solid white line in Peoria (AZ) and got puled over by a cop. Things went down hill from there. Of course they did! This is my life! Somehow, there is a record in the DMV that said my license was suspended since 1995.

The cop was nice enough not to impound my van for 30 days or throw me in jail. He could have done both. This is a criminal offense with a 180 day jail term. After a few court appearances and a visit with a nice prosecutor, they realized it was a weird mistake. I pointed out that I had just had an extensive background check for my Intel job, and two years ago I got a speeding ticket. I had how many insurance renewals and other employment checks since too. I came up clean every time. The total damages were $240.00, $220.00 for the ticket and $20.00 as a fee because I didn't have $220.00 on me when I went to court and had to pay it on payday a few days later.

Somewhere in this, I had to drive to Algodones to get my prescriptions. I can get meds in Mexico for less than my copay, including the gas and a couple of meals on the road. Amazing. In Yuma, on I8, my van quit running as if someone shut off the ignition. I pulled off and called 911. A very helpful state cop came by and thought it might be the rollover switch, the one that shuts off the fuel in case of accident. We tore the van apart looking for it.

At one point I had to laugh, because to passing motorists, it must have looked like he was looking for hidden drugs! No luck, so I had it towed to a shop he recommended. The guys there are great and the repair involves a stripped cam gear. That's about $700.00. The meds just got more expensive. Oh well. The gear would have packed it in anyway.

Yesterday, I bought a really nice 1994 Tercel to tide me over until I get the van back. I really like the PT Cruiser I am renting, but the rental is a tad bit pricey. At $900.00 for the Toyota, I got a screaming deal. The guy who sold it to me is a naturlized Iranian who is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is a history buff too, so we spent an hour talking about the mid east and the Persian empire. Great stuff.

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Mon, July 16, 2007 - 11:15 AM
oh man, I'm sorry that so many things are getting in your way while you're trying to go so fast! I'm glad that things are going to work out, toyotas rock!

take it easy, and even as things are so nuts, try to take some time for yourself to relax!