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"The Itch"

   Thu, June 7, 2007 - 1:57 AM
Well.... I had been warned about it! Everyone who's phoned or spoken to me in the past few weeks has asked if I have a knitting needle to hand for 'The itch'. Considering the leg has been encased in various casts for the last few weeks, I think I'm lucky to escaped for so long, but this week, it hit!

I'm relying on my trusty ruler to do the biz, and am slapping in moisturiser down my leg as far as my fingers will reach...... but I have small hands so that isn't far................... as I'm assuming it's the now VERY dry skin.......... evident by the accumulating skin flakes that are finding their way out of the cast, that is causing 'The Itch'

I have thought of trying a nozzle on the end of the hoover to try and clear them out and hopefully reduce the irritation, and I've tried anti-histamines........... not that they help much in the itch department, but they do help give a good night's sleep :)

Any suggestions gratefully recieved!

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Thu, June 7, 2007 - 5:56 AM
I really would love to see the photo of you hoovering your plaster,better still,the video.Seriously though, and it is a very serious matter( Ho ho) I had a plaster up past my knee (left leg)all I did was just try and keep it cool, and elevated.When i was able I used to clump about on my crutches as much as I could. What about a small fan to blow some cool air ? but do the pics of the hoovering first.!!!