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Some people say....

October 13, 2011
One time, at Black Rock City, I drove at sunrise to the Esplanade. There was this itty bitty radio station with a guy (to this day I am not sure if he'd been up all night or was just surly from lack of coffee) who honored my request to play 'Cat Scratch Fever' at 7:30 AM. Now...Bob didn't have the cut I wanted, but my old Schtick required that that CD was on my dash. He aired it, I think out of honor, and I danced for the first time in years on the hood of my Suburban.
This man has served my chosen community and been a constant over many years.
When I *salute* or capitalize the word 'Honor', I mean it. He has commanded my respect and earned my trust.
February 2, 2011
I usually write highly amusing testimonials but I'm dumbstruck for the moment. It's like I've just _seen_ you for the first time. I want to play with you first, before anyone else right away, and for a long time. I want to stalk you and have you like it. I want to seduce you on your own terms and then keep a picture of you in a box under my bed until the end of my reign as The True Love Faerie. I want to be your dive buddy. I want you to do the cooking while I amuse myself on your kitchen floor. I want to date you at Black Rock City and then write about it in my diary that will end up in the fire. Thank you for being around when I need you. I got you covered in the True Love department. You just gotta wait until we're done.
November 12, 2008
How is it that you are ALWAYS logged on to Tribe?
February 14, 2008
Bob is my housemate.

I like Bob.

He is the reporter from outside the bubble for this household.

He's pretty darned smart and says some funny things.

He leaves me quotes from the Buddha on the kitchen table.

He doesn't seem to mind my quirkiness... or my sudden bursts of energy.

AND... he doesn't put his crap all over the living room.

Yep, he's a pretty good roommate.
January 27, 2008
Ahhhhh Bobzilla, hope all is well, have something cool for you to hear very soon!
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The Lowdown

about me
I live in Berkeley, California. I'm a lazy Buddhist. I'm an occasional fire artist. I'm a Stage Manager. I'm always online. I love to SCUBA dive.

I'm on the radio. I'm the Station Manager and a DJ on BMIR, Burning Man Information Radio, I'm an announcer and engineer at KALW-FM, an NPR affiliated station in San Francisco. I'm Co-Manager and a DJ on Shouting Fire, an internet radio station. Check it out.

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In The Air

Burning Man Artist Peter Hudson needs your vote! Please take a minute to support this wonderful giving person and his incredible project.

)'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'( )'(

Charon by Peter Hudson needs your vote today! The guy in second place knows something is up and he's retaken 1st place at least once today. We need to show him the power of Burners!

Only one day left to vote for Charon to win the Boca Bearings Innovation Contest.

Chance to help Peter Hudson fund his next project by voting for Charon! Voting ends January 31, 2012 at 11:59 pm and the competition is close! (Question: How will you use the $10,000 prize? Answer: I will put the $10,000 towards R&D and engineering to make my next generation zoetrope “gaia”.)

To vote for his project go here
Mon, January 30, 2012 - 8:57 PM permalink - 0 comments
Burning Man ticket update, straight from the ticketing team at this past weekends all staff meeting.

On Tuesday or Wednesday people who registered will get an email telling them if they got tickets. If they did not, the email will tell you how to register for STEP (secure ticket exchange program)

People who end up with more tickets than then need have the option before the tickets are ever mailed, to sell them back to Burning Man. They get a refund.

Burning Man will take those tickets sold back and redistribute them to people who opt in to the STEP program. You must opt in, it is not automatic

This way tickets people don't want/need stay out of scalpers hands and people looking for tickets need not meet some stranger in a parking with hundreds of dollars in cash. The STEP program will operate up until physical tickets are mailed out this summer.

Then there is still the secondary sale in March with 10K tickets sold the old fashioned way, first come first served.
Mon, January 30, 2012 - 8:48 AM permalink - 3 comments
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